Roush The coupe went to the body shop yesterday

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Bottlefed83, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I think the west coast is better for buying a foxbody saleen.
    Anything in the NJ NY area is crazy expensive.
  2. Glad you went for it!! Can't wait to see it this July in Bellevue! :nice:

    I hope Steve Saleen comes because I have a new one that needs signed also.

  3. Saleen Coupe

    Glad you saved it.It is my dream car.I have wanted a white with Blue stripe Saleen coupe since 1990.I almost ordered one in 1991 but ended up buying a 92.I did finally get a Saleen coupe in 2001 but it has grey stripes.
  4. Thats pretty cool, they all are sweet. We got the roof and the rocker panel today at the wrecking yard, and my buddy started to take off the old rocker panel. But he was telling me it may not be done for bellevue so we will have to see. He pretty much only can work on it on the weekends because he works long hours M-F at his work. But I'm hopeing.
  5. Saleen Coupe

    I am sure you know to save the vin sticker and Saleen sticker on the door.On Four Eyed Pride someone had a post how he duplicated a vin sticker with a compeuter program and it was a very nice job.
  6. What vin sticker? and the door sticker is gone already the door had been replaced before. Can I still make a new door sticker from my new door and just change the parts that need changed?
  7. I will have to try that, but It kinda looks hard to do. But I have some time before I will need that sticker anyways.

  8. when is the roof & rocker panel work surposed to be done?
  9. Well the old rocker panel is just about off right now, but my friend who is doing it can pretty much only work on it on the weekends, so I would think in a couple of weeks.
  10. so i see a new windshield in it already too? keep us posted on all the details & as many pics as possible :)
  11. Cory,
    I grew up I Longview. Who is Chuck??
  12. Saleen Coupe

    Lets See some more pictures of the progress!
  13. There is none yet, I've been bust the last couple weeks. But next weekend is when we were thinkin on workin on the rocker panel and finish that part. I really hate waiting for this to get done, I wish I could do it myself.
  14. Body work sucks, unless you work at a body shop, you are at their mercy.
  15. Yea pretty much. But I told him yesterday that people were starting to wonder about progress on the coupe. So maybe he will come over and do some more to it.
  16. Coupe

    Lets here an update on the project.
  17. Oh it is still sitting in the garage with half of the rocker panel cut off. My buddy got another project to do that is almost done now ( two tone a 06 GT), and that is getting painted maybe this week then he said he is going to start back on my saleen. But I will for sure post pics when he starts back on it. Im starting to get impatient. :notnice:
  18. Those pictures hurt my eyes. Sorry to hear that the coupe got hit. Good luck with the repairs and paint work.
  19. Thanks, I think I am getting some work done soon. I just did ball joints on his truck, and he told me that he is going to do it here real soon. So I hope. I will post pics when it finally has a new roof and rocker panel.:nice: