Build Thread The Hoopty Build

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by hoopty5.0, Mar 10, 2011.

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    By hoopty50 at 2012-09-07

    By hoopty50 at 2012-09-10

    By hoopty50 at 2012-09-10

    By hoopty50 at 2012-09-10

    And the best part - The Bullitt seats. Ive never sat in anything more comfortable.

    By hoopty50 at 2012-09-10

    By hoopty50 at 2012-09-10
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  2. Tubular K member and A arms from QA1, Full length subframes, strut tower brace, MM uppers and lowers.

    Dyno'ed at 428/425
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  3. Bet it's a blast!
  4. Cool beans. You have any plans for it?
  5. Drive the absolute p iss out of it until rods exit the side of the block. That was the whole plan, but as soon as I realized how far off my fox was, this thing conveniently came up for sale. I sold the fox and 408 for $8500, so I figure I got as much as I could from it.
  6. This thing drives so nice though. Stupid amounts of power, yet purrs like a kitten. And gets ridiculous mileage. How could I say no??
  7. So I saw the Hoopty the other day. The guy who has it now put a stupid amount of money into it and it is niiiiiice. He's trying to get it into quick single digits with a healthy shot of gas. I'll post a link if its legal (Noobz347) to the local forum its on.
  8. Dunno what that means.
  9. I thought it was frowned upon to link to other forums?
  10. No not necessarily. There are a couple of forums that I have blocked because some of the membership of those forums have spammed this one with links. In and of itself though, links placed for the purpose of assisting the SN membership with a problem etc., don't get killed automatically.
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    He called me the other day and was having issues with the motor. Couldn't get it to rev past 4500 rpm on the dyno. Said that something in the motor was put together wrong. Unfortunately, the motor changed hands 3 times before it was really ran, so who knows what it is. Still waiting to hear back. He works offshore too, so he may not be home yet.
  12. Man this was a long thread lol.. Glad I found it in the "Threads Thread sticky" lol. What ended up being wrong with the 427? And where did the white car end up? Sorry for digging up your dead thread lol