Mach 1 the mach 1`s competition?? pics!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by oogtdude, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. What's to be afraid of?

    The GTO is a loser in it's current form. If it makes it past the first year of production, maybe they'll give it some balls! :shrug:
  2. Interesting statement(s) considering Auto Mach 1's have run [email protected] or so with just a K&N & good driving...

    ...I've yet to see ANY GTO run under a 13.6 - 13.8. :rolleyes:
  3. that car is so ugly! Needs some rims or something...
  4. :lol: I hope you werent using that pointing at what I said Real Quick nothing funny about it. They are ugly overweight grand prixs. I won't hate build quality is there but what they built is whats ugly. The end does not justify the means in this case. Don't let the name, sig, and the avatar fool you there is a lot more on board since I've updated my profile. I've shamed many an HCIL LT TC F bodies.
  5. How can you compare Autos to Manuals? That's apples and oranges you dummy, plus your just still upset because our Auto version can run with your manual haha GET OVER IT! :owned: Oh and it's funny you bring up the 03' Cobra something that will own the GTO for SURE.
  6. I think the only reason the mag compared a auto to a manual is that is what is standard on both cars, the GTO's manual is a $695 option.

    Fact is your already comparing a 25k car out the door to a 34k GTO. I guess they could of got an Auto Mach for comparison and it would have been close.

    Can't wait unitl the 5 speed auto come out for the Mustang and they can gear them better, then auto vs manual is much closer.
  7. right haha it's kinda funny that the mach 1's auto can hang with the GTO's manual!
  8. CRAZY :crazy:
  9. Not quite dude. All the articles I have seen shows the typical GTO in the 103-104mph range. Auto Mach 1's typically are around 100mph. Goes to show who is pulling at the end.

  10. 100mph? maybe u need too start reading more the average is approx 103

    33k for a grand am with an old school pushrod engine? whens gm gonna jump on the tech bandwagon? where in 2004 technology is at its highest..and gm stays with 80`s tech,, they have a pushrod motor with plastic covers to appear as a big dohc
  11. They even are stealing the three heater and ac control knobs from Ford. If you want Retro looks buy a Ford if you want retro parts buy a GM.
  12. Maybe you should know what your talking about when you post. Mach's do 102/103mph with an auto. Your on here with people that own these cars don't try to BS us...........

    PS if your going to post what your've seen give us a link and where it was run. Denver will be a little slower than say sea level where other test were done and you may want to consider temp/hum/track that's why unless there run side by side you don't know jack.
  13. Beotch, I have seen 2 run at Epping. There is my proof. One of them had a CAI and dr's, so it wasnt even stock and still trapped 100mph. The reason i quoted articles at all is cuz i havent seen a GTO in person.
  14. 1. Ford has yet to respond with a regular production motor that makes the same power.

    2. Coil packs on valve covers dont look too pretty, thats why they hide them with the plastic covers...dumb azz.
  15. And GM has been known to blow its #'s out of proportion. And what do you think the Mach 1 is? its not SVT its regular production Ford. Their answer is doing the same speeds as a 346 LS1 with a 281 Mod Motor
  16. I sure wouldn't consider pushrod technology inferior to today's line of modulars. OHC'ers do have technology working for them, but let's not forget that those pesky pushrod LS1s are gobs quicker right off the showroom floor than 2V engines and a serious match for the 4Vs. And stock vs stock the Z06 in all of its pushrod glory, will run with a blown Cobra anyday. (Not to mention any of the older built musclecars that still have more than enought power to roam the streets with confidence)

    The modular Mustangs are great performers, but let's not walk around with blinders on...they're not unbeatable (neither are the LS1/LS6s for that matter). And while the 4.6 may seem large, I can say, I have built them (and rebuilt them) and when the heads and the oil pan come off they're as small as most any other smallblock out there. You can look like a big block all day long...just remember that it's not.

    Never underestimating any opponent is good advice. ;)

  17. Ok that was posted on the registry too. What's your point? It's a street race and we don't know how either driver can drive a stick or the street conditions. I'll wait until they hit the track head to head where I can see 60ft and 1/4 mile times.

    BTW the HP/Tq on the Mach's about as low as you'll see one stock most are pushing 280's now....You can see my numbers.