the NIGHTMARE I had last night about my stang! What's your worst stang nightmare?

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  1. That's not bad, I thought you were gonna say somebody stole it and gutted it, or the parking brake failed and it rolled into a busy street or something like that. I haven't had any nightmares about my Stang though. :shrug:
  2. OK - last night, actually this morning, in my dream my dad went and got me new tires and wheels (I'm 30, not sure why he was doing this). When I got it back, he had them put on some wide, but not real big aspect ratio off road truck tires, and the fronts were way too wide for the narrow rim. My car was also red like my first 94, and not black like mine is now, but in the dream that was my car. I was really bummed out, and tried to exchange the fronts, at least for some narrower ones because they would rub when turning. And, of course, Sears wouldn't exchange them. So I drove around on them. Didn't really turn very well! Did some off roading, too. That wasn't so bad!

    So, what's your worst stang nightmare?

  3. hmmm...... I have the first post on here, yet I didn't start the thread..... interesting.....
  4. In my dream I was making a left with the green arrow, I didnt go right away in case someone ran the light. I then went to make my left turn and this woman in an x5 came flying through and hit my back right quarter panel. My axle just shot out from under the car, from the impact i kept spinning and them this huge lifted shot truck was going the other way and didnt stop and sort of ran over my hood but since he was swerving to avoid me his back tire slammed into my door sent me flying the other way and my car hit the curb and flipped, for some reason I was trapped and the para medic was using a torch and ax to cut up my car to try and get me out but he wasnt getting me out he was just chopping up my car and I couldnt do anything about it. Then I woke up and went to check on my car nice and safe in the garage.
  5. i had a dream that a fat chick spilled a bucket of chicken grease that she was eating like it was soup all over my leather interior. but i guess thats more of a nightmare than a dream

  7. On night i had a dream i was kick in it with my friends on the side of the road and there was this army c5 (we live right next to a base) heading torwards my car (and my car only). I run to my car and try to leave, but my car wouldnt start. The C5 was getting closer and closer, so i jump out and run and the plain crashes on my car. Everyone was running to help out the survivors of the plane, but i was right next to my car crying :nonono: .
  8. My nightmare is putting more than 300 miles on my car in one year. :D

    I dream one-thousand three-hundred and twenty feet at a time.

  9. The house I used to live at had a pretty steep driveway and at the bottom down the street was a ravine/forest. I dreamt that the parking brake had failed and I jumped in and couldnt get it stopped. None of the brakes worked and I went flying down the hill and crashed into a huge tree. I woke up freaked out, it took me a couple seconds to realize it was a dream.

    Needless to say I went outside and made sure it was in gear and the e-brake was at full lock. :) I considered putting a 2x4 behind one of the tires too, but I figure if it popped out of gear & the e-brake failed it was a doomed cause anyways. :rofl:
  10. My reoccuring nightmare is that I sold my first stang in order to get a more able car for winter. The guy who bought my stang had it for less than three months before he killed himself in it by rolling it into a ditch at 80mph...

    Unfortunately, my nightmare actually happened... Id give my left nut to have that stang back.
  11. after i experienced my hit and run back in may i dreamed that i was coming out of a grocery store and someone had hit my car again only this time it was completely totaled. i dreamed that the police were no help at all and i kept telling them that the paint scratches left on the car were really unique and they came from a ____(Can't remember now what kind of car) and they ignored me and said to get over it. i was very upset. i also had a hard time realizing it was a dream in the morning lol. it's funny in retrospect though
  12. Once in a while I used to have a dream that my car got stolen. Or wrecked. Have had them both :shrug:.

    I wish someone would steal the Cobra, insurance would give me enough so that I could go find myself a screaming yellow 04 :rlaugh:

    J/K ... <mostly>

  13. i had a dream, that i was doing a turbo project with my dad, we got everything installed and hooked up, and for some reason we had a dyno right at his house. I put the car on the dyno, and before i could get the slip out, the engine caught on fire and the car was ruined, then i woke up sweaty. it sucked.
  14. my nightmare really happened. some 16 year old girl turned across traffic right in front of me and i slammed into her. the insurance company totaled my car.

    rip, my beautiful 2001 gt,

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  15. well my worst one has 2 bad things actually....and friend of mine has had 2 last summer where she was going thru an intersection and some cracked out guy slammed into the side of her car at 60 mph and totaled her parents lexus and put her in the hospital for 2 days....then she got hit again in her infiniti while driving around a corner...some lady slid on ice and slammed her fender/hood/bumper....anyway i had a dream the other night that she and i got into an accident...considering the fact that ive had one accident and shes had 2, this was the scariest thing ever....:nonono:
  16. My worst nightmare....hmmm....oh yeah mine weren't nightmares they actually happened.
    1) the year was 2000, I was in my 91gt that just got a new midnightblue w/white stripes paint job (with cobra r hood, stalker front, etc.), oh yeah and my 5 day old DSS 306 with PA aod, when a school teacher ran a red light right into me ripping my car in two and successfully destroying the engine(cracked) and totaling my car.:nonono:
    2) to recoup this tragic loss in 2001 I bought a 93lx with 32,000 miles on it. H/c/i, lots of suspension work, and low 12's was stolen from the college I went to.:nonono:
    The real nightmare is after that I though I was cursed so I bought a 2002 VW GTI 1.8T:rlaugh: That lasted 8 months before I had to get another stang.:D
  17. after mine was totalled, i bought a mazda milennia :nono: that lasted only 6 months before i got my 1996 gt. that lasted a year before this one.


  18. Thats almost as bad as it actually happening, just replace chicken with turkey and no fat chicks. (ok really I was taking a turkey over to my grandfathers house a few years ago and spilled the juice onto my Wranglers floor. It smelled horrible! It took me taking the carpet out and hosing out the interior a few times with some cleaner)

    Back on topic: I dont think Ive ever had a nightmare about my car, but I did have a dream that I picked up this hot chick I used to like in high school and we went cruising.. :rlaugh:
  19. I haven't been having nightmares lately, but really good dreams.

    Last night I had a dream that I had a Terminator and shifted like a pro. It looked like one of those street racing videos on streetfire. I think I've been watching too many of those lately. :lol:
  20. me too was goin great!! then she shot me in the face:nonono: i called her the next morn and i was like "why the **** did you shoot me in the face last nite?!?!"...she didnt know what to say...still love her....