The Official Dtl (dorrito Tacos Locos) Thread

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  1. Made a run for the border last night for the first time in close to a year....yup still sh itttyyy food(literally). Sorry I'm not in on the the 'Bell love fest. I'll go to a good "taco place" a million times before I go back.
  2. Truth in that post
  3. Sorry to revive this.... By look what I found! _20140802_183727.JPG

    And it was incredible!
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  4. I will have to look for those!
  5. i'll be finding me some of those!
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  6. Taco bells cantina menu isn't bad. Ask that other garbage is :poo:e.
  7. Anyone tried the AM crunch wrap yet? Sounds like it is good for those early morning BM's when you are a little backed up.
  8. I stop for that once in a while. It is rather delicious! Even better is the cinnabon bite thingers... They are the T * T s
  9. I used to get the cinamon sticks and then stop at McD's for a soft serve vanilla ice cream, mmmmmmmm, so good together
  10. A more instant gratification than your holiest of holy grail hand made Bacon taco shells?
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  11. I almost forgot, it's Taco Tuesday!
  12. Bacon taco shells will always win... This is a close second however!
  13. just had a crunch wrap and quesdillas yum.
  14. Does that mean the vibrations will be coming from your pants later tonight and not the car?
  15. OK.
    Since you guys insist on keeping this thread alive, I just need to say that I had the whatever the hell it was box.

    The Quesarito had waay too much cheese in it. Made a huge mess of my face.
    The one taco was soggy.
    The other taco ended up apart in the bottom of the bag.

    I don't get it.

    Not good.
  16. It must be different parts of the country
  17. I just had half a dozen of these... and a few normal ones.
  18. Mike,

    That is because it wasn't 2am and you were sober. Everything tastes good at 2am when you are drunk.

    And, I'm leaving it there so I don't get the ban hammer.
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  19. Sorry to hear about your soggy taco bro, good luck with that