Build Thread The Ole 331 Turbo P I T A, Boring, Curb Riding,dusty Build

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  1. Swapping a 1988 auto notch to an EFI, IRS, 331 stroker, 5 speed. Its not the first time I've done this but all advise will be considered. I'm a broke guy relying on junk yard parts (mostly) and experience. uploadfromtaptalk1447256248266.jpg
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  2. I'm trying out this gt front bumper thing. What do you guys think ? The whole car will be painted later. Also, I grabbed some seats out of a turbo coupe i had to tap one bolt hole on the rear of the seat pan. Couldnt use the thunderbird power tracks uploadfromtaptalk1447263362936.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1447263372017.jpg ATTACH=full]544916[/ATTACH] uploadfromtaptalk1447263244683.jpg

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  3. So far on this project I've pulled the dash and installed pedals, moved the speedometer cable, and replaced the factory heater core. Everything looked pretty good but with this being an Indiana car the dust is unbelievable. I had to source an o2 sensor harness for the conversion...since it was an auto car it came out of I had to swap pins. The gauge pod hasn't been wired up yet...just sitting on the dash. I've also had to replace the door lock cylinders and replaced the bushings inside the passenger door motor. I still need to replace the door lock actuators. I've got all the parts ready in my shed ( I'm a broke guy so no sweet garages for me ). Ultimately, I'm trying for about 400 at the wheels with this setup. Everyone I talk to says I should be in the 425 range. There's a lot to this swap so I wanted folks to see how us poor folks suffer outside in the cold for our passions...numb fingers and all. Lol uploadfromtaptalk1447615769601.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1447615798902.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1447615823378.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1447615869891.jpg
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  4. Another update.... I started tearing into my t5 zspec. Found out I need a new 2nd gear...the synchro hub rounded the teeth on 2nd so it pops out of gear....the input shaft synchro teeth are chipped on fourth gear....the reverse gear is rounded on the edges. All the bearings look good so a shout to the should get things fixed up nicely. It held up well behind the 347 thanks to Hanlon Motorsports. I'm going to be upgrading this trans yet again. The billet stuff has been holding up pretty good. I've got to find a new reverse brake synchro. uploadfromtaptalk1448551122359.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1448551137952.jpg
  5. Nice! I'm starting a similar build myself. Cant wait to see the irs install.
  6. I saw your post man. Nice sn95 swap. If I had your luck my car would be done by now. Lol
  7. Well, I had a wonderful day today. The mustang fell off the trailer into the middle of the highway...smh. I had just checked the straps ( rated at 15,000 bounds each ) about 5 mins before they both broke...releasing my car into the road. No one was injured and I must was hilarious. I ran back and jumped in the car and drove it home behind my beautiful wife driving the tow rig. The core support is much for my clean slate. 04 cobra bumper fog lights and bezels on the way as we speak. Guess I'll weld in a tubular lower support and make more room for the intercooler and piping. Smh
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  8. I've been thinking about sinking my 3 row rad under the core support to make more room in front of the motor. Has anyone seen this mod done or have pictures ? I will take pics when I have time but I've been busy with work. This car won't be a show car but it'll turn heads and I'm sure I'll get dirty looks from old ladies.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I have no idea where to post on here.
  10. My fog light bezels came in today. Just waiting on the bumper cover and the fog lights. I'll be running cooling ducts to the back of the front rotors. The turbo wasn't planned until next year, but the wife felt bad for my trailer incident. [emoji12] looks like a CXRacing single turbo hot and cold side and a Precision Turbo are in the works by spring. a9e38d972eb3017641f6ccfbf5a02e96.jpg
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  11. Well, bumper came today....fog lights were supposed to come today but tracking says they're still somewhere between here and California. Smh
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  12. I have the factory fog light switch from my convertible gt so I'm going to get a harness repair end and wire a relay for the fogs. I'm super exited about the extra room I'll get for the intercooler. May have to trim the fiberglass bumper support but the bumper should cover it well. This weekend I'll check the squareness of my front end and take measurements for the bumper mod. I don't want to do a hard tail conversion on my IRS but the ability to fit a wider tire is enchanting. [emoji106]
  13. Am I missing something here, 04 Cobra bumper on an 88 fox?! Where are you located in Indiana? I am about 10 minutes from Purdue.
  14. Yup...04 cobra bumper on a fox. It's a bumper mod. You have to measure and split the cobra bumper long ways and install below the molding line on a Lx bumper...kinda like a Saleen bumper. My car came from Indiana... I'm in Southern Maryland.
  15. This is my core used to be perfect.
    b0287fde37e621fc948761a7961b98d1.jpg 0188bcccba03fb2e3357cc4bc845c74c.jpg
  16. This was not the point I wanted to be at in this project. Here in Maryland in order to have regular tags and freedoms the car has to be inspected. Luckily, I live in a county that doesn't have emissions. [emoji12] The plan was to get this car inspected as a 4 cylinder and then molest the hell out of it. All I needed to do was tag it and swap it. Now, with the front end damage I've got to mod the front end...tag it and then jump into my psychotic build process. This is what its about GAS MONKEY garage crap going on here. The fog lights are supposed to be here today so I can start mocking up my cut lines on the Lx bumper. Glad I had the ugly gt bumper on the car when it fell. Guess the car didn't like the bumper too much. Lol. Guys I need you to do me a favor and help me name this car. Its going to have parts and pieces of over 10 mustangs that I've owned. One car came from a friend that died in a street race and another from a friend that got brain cancer and committed suicide. A lot of sentimental value going into this. Only rule is only 7 letters or numbers...its going on the tag. Thanks folks.. I'm no good at naming anything . I've decided to order a new tubular lower rad support instead of making my own. It'll save a lot of time just having to fab and weld the condensor mounts. Its already on order [emoji106]
  17. Muttang? Lol
  18. Damn man ... I actually like that.