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  1. Dave, throw up what ever you want. Young men have been getting (and are still getting) their butts shot off so that you can express your views and put up all that great tech information.


  2. Sorry, but the person making such a statement is theoretically the only exception to the rule :D

    Personally, I'm of the opinion that diverse opinions are what make life great. In the extreme; can you imagine going to a car show and finding that all the Mustangs are '65 FB's, Wimbledon White with Guards Blue stripes? :sleep: Wait, for variety, there'd be 10 Rangoon Red '65 'verts!!!! :p

    Still Dreamin'
  3. Stock vs Mods will be a ever long Debate.

    :bang: Your head against the wall will only give you bumps. :rlaugh:

    Those with the unlimited $'s will do the mod's they want,
    Some of us will find a buck here or there to just get it going again.

    Sd is prob lurking in the Shadows watching and chuckling to himself as
    He putts by the Restomod thats broke down along side the road
    In His Stock as a Rock.


    Ps. Sd if your out there, drop in once in a while. :nice:
  4. I spoke with SD today. I wanted to let you all know that he is doing very well and had a very enjoyable Holiday season. However, it seems as though he has no immediate plans on returning to SN.
  5. Glad to hear he is doing well. Probably best he doesn't come back, there doesn't seem to be much quality left in the SN Classics forum.
  6. Interpret quality...I take that as a slam on SD.
  7. No, no, completely opposite. SD always gave quality information and advice that was backed by both knowledge and eperience. The current content and posters probably won't appreciate the "thinking" advice SD gives out. Most posts seem to be a "this is what I'm doing" veiled in a question. While SD and I have different paths in the hobby (and have disagreed on several issues) I have always respected the quality advice he graciously gave out
  8. Agreed. I don't really have an interest in owning/driving a bone-stock 200 cid coupe; but it might well come to pass (disposable income and such). I have been led to believe (by the much better half) that, once this next year of "1/2 NK running for Rodeo Queen" (or maybe winning same title) has passed, then maybe a Classic Mustang will take up residence in my home :D

    Regardless of whether I end up with a bone-stock 6-in-a-row, or one that needs much work; I would be very blessed having the experience and knowledge of SD and his contemporaries. Should Stangnet devolve into having no place for "old heads" as these; it will have devolved into having lost its usefulness for the likes of me. Stick around guys.... the rest of us will need your help; whether we realize it or not.

    For now,

    Still Dreamin'
  9. I'm not sure my 2 cents is worth as much as customperforman's but I'll share it anyway. I managed to start up some very heated debates shortly after my arrival to this forum. In fact I wasn't sure if I was going to be allowed to continue posting because of all the feathers I managed to ruffle. I can understand people jumping on me about stuff since I haven’t been around here for too long but I am surprised at all the grief people give SuperDave.

    Call me stupid but I have read quite a few of SD's post and found them to be interesting and useful. Of course I don't agree with everything he says but I know that he knows more than I do. I'm sure that many of the other members on the forum think the same thing because of the high regard they hold SD in.

    BTW is SD a teacher somewhere?
  10. He is a retired High school teacher, former military, and spent some time with the local Fire department. Before his stroke, he ran a shop out of his garage and has been in this hobby since before I was born.

    A man is only worth his actions. Every major occupation SD has had involved either serving his community or serving his country. For the better part of the past 4 years, he has served the Mustang community by sharing his vast knowledge of the hobby and nearly anything automotive here in this forum.
  11. I think it's time to pledge again. In memory of Super Dave. :flag:
  12. I love this pledging think. Thanks for the memories SD! :flag: