1. this edit is a worthy laugh! :banana:

    Agreed - a bunch of the old guys are gone that were great help.

    Remember that gay dude Vrylokacalafragulisticexpealadocus Angel?

    You know Stangnet's 2.3 board has been boring for ages, but Turboford has been slowing down the last several months (no offense to Clay). I hope that changes. I think after we read every possible subject in turboford land it just get's harder to find anything new of interest. I mostly stay in the talk sections now.
  2. It is that tech sticky. Everything you need to know is in there. So instead of use yelling at them "to search it has been discussed a million times" They just go to the sticky.

    What ever happened to Wish?
  3. I vaguely remember the name....I hope you're not grouping him with the old guys who were great help? :nonono: :p

  4. :D well I did mention gay too. :D

    -but seriously he's been a real help to me. He's a wiring/schematic understanding whiz and good tech, that is - if you can get past all the Black leather, tights and heels.
  5. maybe one day ill drive to frisco and see if i can find him, i mean how many people could possibly fit that description :shrug: In order for there to be excitment, someones gotta pull of something new, on the edge where you have half the people saying " that wont work" and then have it work and they look dumb....its the only way..