Things we don't know about the 2005

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  1. We got a lot of great info. fromt he MT & HR articles, but there are a bunch of things I still want to know about the 2005 Mustang. Maybe some of the answers are in the text that wasn't scanned in. In any case, here's what's keeping me awake at night:

    1. Will the hood have struts or a stupid prop rod?

    2. What material is the trunk lid made out of?

    3. What is the rear axle ratio?

    4. Will there be optional rear end ratios?

    5. Will it use the same traction control system as the Lincoln LS does, where the speedometer comes from a wheel sensor? With the LS system you can change the rear end gears and the speedometer & odometer still read correct becasuse they come from the wheels.

    6. Will there be an IRS option for the GT?

    7. What will the first special edition Mustang be? When will it be available? And what will be under its hood?

    8. What are the available paint colors?

    9. Do the rear seats fold down?

    10. Does the trunk lid have struts like the present Mustang or did they go back to those obnoxious J hook hinges?

    11. What will the prices be?

    12. When is it really going into production? I heard the 4.6L 3V engine goes into production in May.

    13. What is the gas tank capacity?

    14. Will there be a climate contol option?

    15. How about a heated seat option?

    16. What will the availble audio systems be? Same Mach 460 & 1000?

    17. Will Factory Sirius satellite radio be available?

    18. Will there be a navigation system option?

    19. Does the steering wheel telescope (I assume it tilts)?

    20. Will the seatbelt retractors really work and not just work about 1 out of 10 times like my 2001 GT?

    21. Will the headlights be better than the present Mustang?

    22. How fast is the GT in 0-60 and the 1/4?

    23. Will they finally fix the 3650 so it doesn't grind into 2nd gear?

    24. Will a T6 be optional on the GT?

    25. Does the exhaust have an H pipe (GT) or have they gone to something like an X?

    26. Does the standard exhuast system (GT) sound any good?

    27. What will the interior colors be?

    28. Is the 3V GT engine under rated?

    An how come no matter what information you get all it does is raise more questions? :shrug:
  2. We do not know any of this information yet. Maybe during the January unveiling of the final production model at the auto show we will be able to find out more about these things.
  3. I would not count on any of the "cool tech" stuff in a Mustang.

    Ford has been very stuffy on putting, nav systems, climate control, auto lights/wipers, and heated seats in their cars for a while. If you go to the Town Cars and Crown Vics, sure. Or over to Lincoln and the LS, etc. Not since the old Tbirds and Merkur's has there been those kind of toys on the "blue collar mobiles". :p Sans the nav system since those were not out.

    See, this is why I thnk Ford really needs to let Mercury make a Cougar or Capri based on the the new Stang. Give it all the new tech-bling. So that when people are cross shopping G35 coupes, 350zs and even 3-series BMWs the new Ford can stand a chance.

    Make a Cougar/Capri and put the heated seats, nav and dvd, vehicle skid control, auto mirrors, auto wipers, auto lights, blah, blah and oh yes, heated seats in it. Charge $32,000 for the V8 and $38,000 for a V8 with super charger. :flag:

    I'd buy it! :banana:

    Oh yes, I did forget that the new Stang does have some bling. The color changing dash! :rlaugh:
  4. Why does everyone make such a big deal over the prop rod? Many more expensive cars have them, I'm sure it's part of keeping the weight down!
  5. I'd rather the prop rod..makes for easier hood switching...

    good questions.....
  6. Lossing sleep over all that huh? :stick:

    Well then you better stack up on books or video games because we might not know any of that untile the car comes out, or close to it.
  7. In my opinion the rear gears would have to change. Reason being the addition of the 5-speed auto. You'll probably see standard 3.42s.
  8. I am not worried what the rear gear is...unless they are offering 4.10's from the factory, I will be switching them anyway! :lol:

  9. It would be nice to see them put 3.55's in them like the current Cobra. That with a good geared tranny, it would haul someserious @$$!!
  10. You're right, Ford would be smart to make a Cougar on the Mustang platform. The Cougar would be just like it was to the Mustang in the 1960s' a more luxurious version with IRS, Climate Control, heated seats, seat memories, DVD Navigation system, auto dimming mirrors, auto lights, Advance Track, etc. Think of it as the Infinity G35 to the Nissan 350Z. It would probably add another 30,000 / year in sales to the Mustang platform and the Cougar would be a lot higher profit margin sale too.
  11. yea but ford is too stupid to think of that
  12. prop rods suck, I hope it has the struts.

    XM would be a nice option, heated seats would be nice too (although I wouldn't be driving it in the winter anyways they are still nice, good for the lower back)
  13. I'll give you MY answers to the ones I've read or heard.

  14. I remember reading when they showed the prototype 05 that ford was saying that the new Cobra/SVT's where going to have all sorts of tech goodies for the first time in Ford cars. Some of the things mentioned where Nav systems, F1 style paddleshifter transmissions, heated seat, and other things that I cant remember. Granted all of the things they talked about where for the SVT line, but the general sense was that SVT would be there testing ground for new tech stuff.

    That wont help those that are buying a GT in 05-07 probably but it will eventually filter down.
  15. Other than the hood prop, I hope that your information is for real and correct, but the trunk on my 2001 GT is some sort of platic composite, NOT metal.
  16. Somehow, I doubt this. The HP rating for the Bullitt was a disappointment, and the 2001 Cobra was a fiasco. I am going to bet dollars to donuts that if Ford is off on the HP rating, it will be in the consumer's favor.

  17. I think that's what trents99 is saying. "Under-rated" means is has more power than the official #'s indicate. Just like the 2003 Cobra and Mach 1. They both have more HP than advertised.
  18. Exactly. Look at the Mach 1 for example. They were rated below the '01 Cobra yet I have seen stock dynos where they put down 285rwhp/305rwtq. That would equate to right around 330hp at the flywheel, 25hp more than advertised.

  19. I have 3.42's in my truck.

    I would bet that Ford Uses the 3.27's again.
    I could deal with that, But they should have an optional "Saf-T-Track" or Posi.
  20. How many prop rods have you seen broken?
    How many struts have you seen broken?
    Give me the prop rod any day of the week.