Things we don't know about the 2005

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  1. Prop rods suck because if you accidently hit it when working under the hood you'll get a nice wack on the back of the head. :bang: I had a 91 Bonneville that had hood struts and after 10 years they still opened as good as the day they were new. Same goes for the trunk struts in my 94 GT.
  2. Long live the light and simple Prop-rod!!! Just make it long enough i can reach over the motor and not hit my head on the hood.

  3. Note to those who own cars with prop rods.....

    Either pay attention to what you are doing and be careful while working under the hood of your car (which one should be doing ANYWAYS!) or wear a helmet and an orange vest so we can all see you coming. That way we all know when the accident is about to happen.

    Really, that is a lame argument for not having a prop rod. If you cannot navigate under the hood of a car without knocking the prop rod out and injuring yourself, you have no business working on a car at all.

    Out of all of the arguments and complaints regarding the 2005, this has to be the most retarded one so far. I feel like deleting the entire thread just out of principle.

    Next you will all be crying about the shape of the switch on the power seats sighting that it causes a safety hazard and one could break a nail on it if they hit a bump while trying to adjust their seat (which should be done while parked anyway). Get a life people!

  4. What he said! :nice:
  5. I've been driving a lowly 01 V6 5 speed for awhile now so these new GTs are looking pretty damn nice. Prop rod or not I don't really care. This car appears to embody everything I could ask for and I really like the looks. Just give me a nice color (preferably a blue, maybe a green or black), five speed manual, strong V8, loaded interior and decent handling and I am one happy man. I'm just hoping that dealers don't make the mark up insane.
  6. :lol: What he said!!
  7. >>I had a 91 Bonneville that had hood struts and after 10 years they still opened as good as the day they were new. Same goes for the trunk struts in my 94 GT.<<

    Prop rods save the mustang at least ten lbs. probably closer to twenty. The trunks can use struts because there short length gives them enough structual support that they won't bend. 91 Bonnevilles aren't known for agile quickness, so they can handle the extra lbs. But many of us can remember the days of bent hoods from springs and struts that were too strong. Mine was on a 73 Trans am. Given the choice of saving weight or bending the hood, I take saving weight.

    This is an interesting discussion compared to others where we discuss how Ford could shave a few lbs. Heated seats? Hmm.

    Interesting that the Corvette guys have the same discussions. Havn't seen them request heated seats yet.

    2000 White Vert.
  8. Nothing wrong with the prop rod. The struts tend tend to lose pressure after a few years and they add weight.
    Speaking of weight, the less techno gizmos, the better.
  9. I like your thinking! :hail2: That's a great idea!
  10. The price was said to be $30K for the GT in those articles. The thing that bothers me is whether they're really cracking down on modding your motor like the Brad Barnett article insenuated. I think they're going after the yuppy retro crowd; the same crowd that caused a waiting list for the PT Crapper, Mini, Thunderbird, and SSR... I say, have it... I'm sticking with a Fox body that I can work on, and actually afford... :lol: