Think your msitake is bad? THE BIGGEST IDIOT MISTAKE OF ALL TIME!!!

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  1. after i put my headers i was tightning then up again then i accidently touched the header, and i droped the wrench to my dads brand new wrench set. well i looked under the car to get it and it wasnt there well i gave up, we thought it fell in the frame or somthing. well after going to college twice about a 70 mile round trip well i pulled in the driveway and dad ran out and made me stop. well i did and he pulled his wrench out from under my tire. not really funny just lucky
  2. After putting a new carb on my jeep i decided to take out out for a spin, but hte springs that pull the throttle closed didn;t fit on the new carb so i used a giant spring that we had at the house. It worked and we never thought twice about it, but then one day during the winter i was driving around and ggave it some gas and felt a pop. I was like what was that. Then the gas pedal got real soft and stuck down. So i slammed on the brake whilt prying it up with my foot and it somehow disengaged. Then i had to drive it a mile home up hills with a throttle that would stick open if i have it more than half. that was pain in the ass.
  3. i completely forgot about this thread. i guess my mistake wasnt the BIGGEST idiot mistake of all time, but it was damn stupid anyway.
  4. Driving Error

    Okay, I had a 1994 Jeep Wrangler, and this is really more of a driver error, but none-the-less I learned my lesson.

    I was driving my jeep at about 60+ MPH down a crappy country road two winters ago, suddenly, I was going backwards, I honestly don't know how... I was going BACKWARDS at 60 miles an hour!!! The worst part was, I had to stay in my lane kuz there was incomming traffic on this two lane road... ever drive backwards at 60 miles an hour? Explain why I'm not dead?

    As the jeep had spun I pressed the clutch (I had just learned how to drive stick about two weeks before) and I had to coast until I was finally able to stop the Jeep, I was so terrified about blowing my tranny - oddly enough, and not about the on-comming traffice.

    As it turned out, I hit a patch of ice (I had to go back and look) and somehow the Wrangler didn't roll... any my insurance overcharged me all those years because of the "high roll over rate"...

    Talk about bizzare...
  5. I've had a few more stupid accidents since my first post over a year ago.

    -Wiring nitrous and put the wires on the switch backwards. butrned the wire to a crisp, stuck to the carpet and stank up the car bad

    -Had my lower radiator hose pop off while driving but i didnt notice until my temp was to 230. got it home and my auto meter temp gauge was pegged and i freaked out and poured water in the radiator. i then learned that dong this can warp aluminum heads. luckily, it didnt do it to me

    -forgot to tighten my lugs on the front wheel, almost had it fall off while driving

    -forgot one of the bolts in the steering coupler. the one fell out and i lost steering while driving.

    -installing my n2o, i had everything hooked up, but whenever i opened the bottle, the purge kept leaking. it took me 2 days to figoure out the purge solenoid has an "IN" and an "OUT". it was backwards...

    thats all i can think of at the moment.
    and thanks for resurecting this thread, i almost forgot about it and its in my sig :banana:
  6. Bottlerocket It Sounds Like Your Just An Accident Waiting To Happen
  7. nah, i've happened quite a few times :(
  8. Sounds like a lot of people are "having sex on their back". I'll let you all figure that one out.
  9. Well, you know it was too good for me to let go... I saw it in your sig and was laughing my ass off for three days, it actually was all I talked about on my radio show one evening... man... I've had a few doozies too...
  10. I was changing the starter on my 95 Six banger And while i had the car on the auto ramps i was reading the reapair manual to it and it said to test the starter by running a jumper wire to the starter. so I did, While the car was on the Ramps It was left in Gear....... So I was hooking up the jumper wire and all of a sudden my car starts turning over and fricken drives off the ramps lol Luckly no one was underneith the car...... So after that i ditched the jumper wire.
  11. hey bottle rocket this is matt erics freind.... How do you like your manual rack??? Im about to do the same to mine an change up the suspension.... Let me know!!! as far as stupid mistakes go here is mine although not for my 5.0. I was changing the oil on my buddies seca II (little air cooled yamaha rice rocket) and told him to drain the oil while i tried to pry the oil filter off. Well after about an hour of tryin i gave up. Told him to add three an half quarts of oil cause thats what it was suppose to hold. He never drained the oil, and i never checked the level through the glass eye. Got half way around the block and the bike started runnin like crap. Came home an noticed oil was pouring outta the air box. After about 5 carb rebuilds and 4 air filters along with a trip to a local bike shop found out that bikes are suppose to hold 3 an a half quarts of oil not 7!!!
  12. I had a '92 Ranger about 8 years ago. I had wired up an amp to my rear speakers. The amp was under the drivers seat. I ran the hot wire from the amp, behind both seats, and under the carpet along the passangers side and up to the battery. Well one night I was out with a couple of freinds. I was following one of them home and he was gonna go with me. He got a flat tire before he got home and pulled off into a church parking lot. He didn't have a jack or wrench but had a spare. Well the jack on my truck was behind the seat. I took it out and we proceeded to change the tire. I reach in the passangers side, I put the jack back in it's place in the dark. I tightened down the wingnut and shut the door on the truck. We are standing there, in the dark talking a bit and there's this strange burning smell. I open the passangers door and smoke comes pouring out. The wire behind the seat caught my eye as it was glowing red. I run around to the drivers side and pop the hood and pull the wire off the battery. We got the wire cooled down with some beverages. All that burnt was the insulation off the wire. Man it smelled. I think the stentch left about a month later. I then learned why it's important for a fuse to be close to the battery.

    I also almost did the one drain plug thing on my stang when I bought it. I looked in the maintenence records and it was almost due for the oil change. I crawled under the front and seen the plug. I tool it out and about a quart of oil came out. I was like holy sh**. I checked the oil before I bought the thing about a week before. I wondered where'd all the oil go? It sat in my driveway a few days before I changed it and there wasn't any oil spots under the car. I proceeded to take the filter off and then decided to investigate a little more. I crawled under the side and low and behold there's another drain plug. Now that was a relief.
  13. wow, back from the dead, eh?..

    thats one wierd stang if its got 2 drain plugs lol
  14. what do you mean weird??? I got two!!
  15. UH Oh
    We have another.
  16. u didn't know that washer fluid cools the intake charge?? haha....that was a doozy. At least you were smart enought to get it figured out though.
  17. while i was in the army a friend of mine from home(north dakota)got married to a girl that live 200 miles away from where i was stationed(ft. sill ok). it was 110 degrees out side when i was going back to base i coudn't get above 65 mph on a 75mph freeway or my car would overheat. so i figured i was low on coolant and would fill her up. stopped at a gas station and drove around to the water hose. by this time my car was at 240 degrees. i grabbed a rag and my intention was to loosen the radiator cap but i turned it too far. i had boiling antifreeze shoot all the way up my arm. i was so pissed i didnt even know i was burnt, looked at my arm and wondered why it was all glossy and wrinkled then it hit me, man did i use that cold water hose in a hurry. i went into the store and bought a bag of ice. and drove the rest of the way to fort sill from okc.made it to the hospital on base and tried to explain what happened to the doctor, i cant ever remember feeling that dumb. they bandadged up my arm and told me to come back the next day. came back the next day they took the bandages off and whadda know my whole forearm on one side is one big single blister. the medics eyes got big and went out to the hallway and yelled "hey come look at this s***". several people came in and just sorta laughed. i went back to the barracks and had a friend change the bandage angain in a few hours. i jiggles my arm and it felt like a big ol tiddy wigglin around on my arm. well anyway i got all new skin on one side of my arm, it healed alright with no scars after a few years. i wish i had taken a picture.
  18. i did this with a beer bottle in my trunk one night. that circle on the trunk still haunts me to this day :notnice:

  19. At a local Mavis there was a kid who they hired to do brake jobs and after finishing a couple brake lines he went to pull the car out of the garage (1998 cavalier) and he neglected to put brake fluid back in or even pump the brakes at all.....well long story short he went flying out , hit a huge light pole and the pole then fell on top of a 2003 acura 2.2cl.....he got fired.
  20. I had a '69 Chevelle when I was 17. It was my first car. So after school one day, I started it up and I sat there for a minute and it stalled. It was out of gas. So I called my brothers friend who was doing some work at my parents house. I told him to get the gas can and bring it over so I can get enough gas to get to the gas station. So he shows up with the red gas can. About 3 gallons in there. We pour it in. Crank the engine and still it doesnt fire. So I had a can of starting fluid. He sprayed it down the carb until it finally started.
    It didnt sound to good but I thought it was maybe some dirt in the fuel line or something. I only lived about 3 miles away. So I pulled out and got about 1/2 mile and white smoke started pouring into the car. Stalled out about 30 seconds after that. Ended up getting it towed home. Well, it turns out that someone put kerosene in the can clearly labeled "GASOLINE" :bang: . We pulled a head off and found a nice hole in one of the cylinders. But, I did end up getting a nice new 350. SO it worked out ok I guess.