Thinking about selling my '00 R #3

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by CobraR#3, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Well, it might be time. I'm thinking of selling my 2000 Cobra R. It's documented as one of SVT's show cars. #3 of 300 and the lowest released for sale. Any suggestions on a sale price? I hate to do it and wouldn't sell it if the price was too low. There are 13k miles on it now. There were 11k when I got it. Any suggestions on where to list it? :shrug:
  2. What color is it and why are you selling it??
  3. Keep it, too sweet to let go!!!
  4. All 2000 Cobra R's were red... so were the 93's. The '95's were white.

    Reason...... Buying another house
  5. Well, I'm sure it's not far off the original sale price. There only 299 left, since one was totaled. How much where they new again? 40-50 grand?
  6. At #3, I'm pretty sure you can command your own price.
  7. yea i'd say you could get whatever you want for it, i say keep it and wait 15 more yrs then price will sky rocket
  8. hhmmm i have a 04 cobra with only 1100 miles on it. Trade?
  9. Is this the one with the MACH 460 radio installed?
  10. I'll buy it if I can make payments. $100 a month for the rest of my life? hows that sound. 20 yrs. old. you have 60 yrs. of payment from me left. lol if you figure it out that's at least $60,000.
  11. Don't do it , you will regret it.
  12. I wouldnt pay 40-50K for a Mustang if my life depended on it. You have to be crazy.
  13. I think most people on here are. ;)
  14. its worth every penny, and im sure u could get 40-50k no problem! or if u wait it will surely go up,
    did u enjoy owning it????????????
  15. It's been a fun car. Maybe I'll keep it, maybe not. It depends on the new house payments. The radio goes in for regular driving. It comes out for major shows.... back to stock. I'd like to say it's the Mach 460, but it's really only the radio, CD player, and 2 front speakers. You can almost hear it.

    The originals stickered for 55k, but sold in the 70k range. I was thinking Hemmings when I do try to sell it. Some collector out there with cash might want it.
  16. When I bought my 99GT, the dealer had one on the floor. I told him I'd write a check for it right then for the sticker price ($53,000 I think) and I would have. He said $70,000. I bought the GT.

    Thank god because I'd a felt like an ass when the 03 came out. No offense CobraR#3 but I think they screwed you guys. Not that your car isn't special but to make a car with more power at almost half the price and a radio a year later really sucks. They should have given you 100 more horses IMO, that was a punch in the mouth.

    Damn those are nice cars though.
  17. Well it was actually 2 years later. And I would rather have N/A power vice the same power through a power adder. I owned a SB 03 and have seen 3 00 Rs in person, I would much rather have the R.
  18. I thought the 93s came in green and black also?
  19. Given the real-estate bubble were in (and probably near the end of), your 2000R may actually appreciate faster.
  20. No it wasn't, you do not know when I bought my 99 and when I was in that show room.

    I hope you know they do not crush the unsold cars at the end of the model year run. You can still buy them, they are still for sale.