Thinking bout an '11 (5.0 vs GT500)

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  1. Ok guys, after putting my cams in my '06, I basically came to the conclusion, I'm pretty tapped out from bolt-ons on it w/o S/Cing and because of what my cars makes now, forging wouldn't be a bad idea because I want to make the S/C worthwhile. So I said to myself, why don't I just put that money into a new car and sell the '06 and also put that into a new car? So I think that's what I want to do. But I'm trying to figure out if I want the 5.0 (Brembo + 3.73 + track pack??? + HID + electronics package) or just get the GT500 w/ the SVT package. We all know the price difference between the two. I can pull the 5.0 off towards the end of summer but the Shelby I could do possibly by the end of the year.

    A good friend of mine loves his 2010 GT500 and is the only person I personally know with a 2010. But he says the smart play is the 5.0 like I described. What do you guys think? Wait it out and see or jump on the 5.0 train now?
  2. I just seen some videos and numbers from the 11 GT-500 and they are impressive, but I'm a DIY. I think an 11 GT with bolt on that will get you a high 11 sec e.t. in the quarter and save money over the GT-500 you can't go wrong. The only advantage to the Shelby is if you're planning on making a low 10 sec street car then that will be the choice.
  3. A 2011 5.0 has already gone into the 10's with an UNTUNED 100 shot, 4.56 gear, and slicks/skinnies IIRC. With that said, if you're looking for a fun, mostly stock DD, the GT would be my pick. However, if you're looking for a 9 or 10 second 1/4 mile car, that can be driven daily, I'd go with the 2010 GT500... N/a is impressive, but boost can allow for some solid times without digging too deep into the car. :nice:
  4. I know of Brembos and 3.73 and HID and electronics, but . . . WHAT TRACK PACK?
  5. Yeah, I was curious about the track pack as well. My friend mentioned it to me and we all know it was out there for the 2010s but shouldn't it still be out there for the 2011s? Anyone??
  6. I believe the V6 has the Track Pack, but I'm almost certain the 2011 GT's don't.
  7. If I've read correctly, a lot of the things in last year's track pack are either standard or part of the Brembo package. Basically, the Brembo package takes the place of the track pack for the GT
  8. Good question. When ordering 3.73's you get the retune of the TCS/RSC system and being there is a Brembo package I don't think there is a track pack for the GT.
  9. What is TCS/RSC?

  10. Yes I agree what was said above.....V6 could have a trac-pac but the 5.0 GT doesnt. When I placed my order for the 2011 GT it wasnt an option.
  11. I saw it's an option for the V6 but like many have said, between the Brembo package and the 3.73s, most of what was in the track pack is covered. If only they can get one in like I want it. I really don't feel like ordering one again.
  12. GT500 has larger AND lighter wheels/tires, stiffer and lower suspension, free-er flowing exhaust, 140 more HP (with warranty) and exclusivity that no bolt on can ever match.

    How much are you going to save after you throw a suspension kit, exhaust kit, new wheels/tires and add 140hp? Is that enough to make up for having a GT vs. GT500?

    For me, if I was modding to seek 550+ hp, there' no way I buy a GT over GT500.
  13. IMO, you're not paying that hefty premium price difference for the extra power. You're buying shelby's name.

    It can be a good thing for resale value and bragging rights but at the end of the day, if all you care about is meeting a HP number on the dyno, get the 5.0, stick a set of forged rods/pistons in it, supercharger and a few suspension bits.

    You'll come out cheaper and could easily be making 550+

    You wouldn't have the "look at me in my shelby" thing going but I'm sure the cops and insurance company may be more gentle on you in that regard.
  14. Yea, some of each. Not sure you save much money though, if you really want to duplicate GT500 performance.

    It's not JUST the 550hp. It's also warranted.

    Bigger and lighter rolling stock.

    Better suspension for handling.

    How much will a new set of pistons, rods, machine work + balancing + assembly, plus a SC and associated support parts/labor, plus wheels and tires and suspension parts . . . cost? Maybe $15k? Figure a GT will sticker low $30s, GT500 = $20k more. So it's really a $5k question. For that you get a warranty, exclusivity/coolness, neat matching seat leather and other interior upgrades, resale value and no hassles getting it to work and stay together. Plus, you can still mod the GT500 if you'd like to get even more power.

    Not sure I'm willing to do either - probably more likely to just go GT and call it good, but I can see why folks would be drawn to GT500 also, despite the fact that you're right: if ALL you seek is a dyno number, the GT is more cost effective.
  15. You can probably surpass GT500 performance for less $$ into power and more into suspension. You can always spend 7~10K in the suspension with a new k member, A arms, coilovers, watts rear end, control arms, etc and run circles around a GT500 at the track. (if that's what you're after)

    Or you could just put the money into a blower and wider tires and keep up from the stop light and pray the rods a stronger than ford makes them out to be (which I suspect they are).

    Depends on what you want out of the car.

    I can see both sides because I was honestly considering a low mileage used 09 GT500 for a while as they go for mid/high 30's and a well equipped 5.0 would cost about the same.

    For me, I know that I can probably get a MUCH better deal on a slightly used 5.0 in 4~5 months when demand isn't so crazy and that initial depreciation will have already been taken care of (similar to that of the 08~09 GT500's)

    Insurance is probably cheaper and I think most importantly, I'm going to be a bit less inclined to dump endless amounts of money into the 5.0. I'm after a reliable daily driver and a few bolt on's easily puts it in 09 GT500 performance. I also have done the math on what the mods on the GT500 cost and they're almost endless.... blower porting/swap, pulley swap, ported inlet, expensive intake, tune, gears, drive shaft, control arms/shocks/struts to put the STOCK power to the ground, new clutch to handle the extra power.. etc....

    With the 5.0, I could see a few grand going to the suspension, then a bit to the exhaust and an intake/tune and calling it a day. Much less temptation to go nuts on the modding.

    And I know the 2011 shelby is better in every way but the much higher cost of admission makes it not worth it to me. Take an 09 shelby, put a few key bolt ons to the car and a few suspension bits and I'll bet it will keep up with the 2011 shelby and keep a good deal of $$ in your pocket. You'd still get the exclusivity of owning a shelby and I'd imagine the resale value would be better than on a used 5.0.

    Or you could always wait till next year and avoid that $7~$10K depreciation hit and get a lightly used 2011 shelby.
  16. There NOT slicks, both the Front and Rear Tires are D.O.T. Street Legal Tires!
  17. +1

    Is there any difference between the interior of a GT500 vs GT, other than for 2011 the seats have stripes in the leather that match the stripes on the car? Are the doors/pillars still covered in hard plastic? Is it any more comfortable/fancy? Thanks!
  18. Get the GT-500 change the pulley and your looking at over 600hp. If you have the money I would go with the GT-500.
  19. The problem is that it's not any good without money put into the suspension. The GT500 can't efficiently put the stock power to the ground, let alone 50~150 MORE from mods.

    this was a big turn off for me and a very real problem for guys with RWD cars making big power. A friend of mine has a nissan 240 with a 600 rwhp 2JZ supra engine in the car and without super sticky tires, the car is useless and not fun at all unless he races in 3rd and 4th gear where he has traction.

    It's not that dissimilar to this.

    And that's the point that a lot of these 600+ hp shelbys get to.

    If you're after bragging rights and dyno numbers, it's easy to achieve a goal but it will take a good bit of money under the car to actually be able to fully enjoy the extra power under the hood.
  20. I'm not sure that really applies to this discussion though, since we're talking about buying a SC 550hp car, or buying a car and SC it to make 550+ hp. In either case, the stated goal is to end up at the same spot: a Mustang with gobs more power than the suspension can handle, especially for drag racing.

    For me, that's not super important. I'll definitely get on it from a stop, but just the amount it can put down. I'd like to do some road course driving, and just enjoy the effortless power when driving on the street.

    Your point is very valid though: the Mustang GT, with way less HP/Torque is almost as fast 0-60 and 1/4 mile because it's NEAR the max power the chassis can handle, whereas most of the GT500's excess power beyond what GT has, is useless for low speed work.