This is just not right!

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  1. Ah, the south. Year round motorcycling and hot sticky sumners lol.
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  2. Badass, there's nothing like a car taking a beating!
  3. Friday our high is 72F and the low is 63F. I still wish I never left Miami.
  4. I was stationed at Homestead years ago. Loved the weather, except for one certain storm, it was great. Not gonna complain about Vegas weather too much though.
  5. Which storm?
  6. Andrew
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  7. I was 2 when that happened and still rememeber my mother sitting me in the hallway while her and my father tried to hold the front doors shut. Hers split right in half then my dad let go of his and we waited it out in the closet. Sounded like a train. God! Then when the gangbangers realized the military guys were riding around with guns and no ammo. Scary :poo:.
  8. I was in Orlando at a concert. When we left Sat it wasn't forecast to hit till tues. Everything changed Sat afternoon and we couldn't get back. Lost my 71 Cutlass and pretty much everything in my dorm room. Devastion on an insane scale.
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  9. I went through the same thing this morning coming to work. It has snowed/sleeted/iced three times in the past week and a half in northern Virginia.
  10. NOT SALT!!!

  11. Grew up in Ohio. Don't miss the yearly salt baths at all.
  12. I grew up in WV. We had it all; salt, cinders, and BAD pothole infested roads.
    I drive my car almost all year here in Charlotte NC and garage it every night. The trusty 18 year old F-150 takes up the slack when the weather is bad. ;)
  13. Why is the roof just wet on left side of center and snowy on right side?

    It'll clean up just fine! Wife looked at the pic .... said she sure was happy to have her Forester for this kind of weather ..... :)
  14. Funny you noticed that. I just started cleaning off the snow before I put it in the garage. Then took the picture.
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