This Will Make You Cringe!!! (warning)

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  1. I found this on one my other forums. This is a car they are useing in The Fast and Furious 3. Hold your hearts and have a seat this is a shocker..


  2. Closer look, Cause I know you can't believe it

  3. yeah, this thread was just done about 3 days ago.
  4. wow - looks like it has volk rims on there too. As a former nissan guy (modded 350z) I have nothing but respect for that motor but it does not belong in a classic mustang.

  5. I can do better with a 5.0 and twin turbos. You DON'T crossbreed that way! EVER! WRONG!crapola crapola :Damnit:

    Keep rice motors in Rice cars. Don't contaminate. Also, the Nissan 6 isn't designed for the handling characteristics of a 68-69 Mustang. A V8 can deliver similar performance sometimes at a lower price.

  6. Rice is a bit harsh here... i hate how some people are car snobs and cannot appreciate other makes and models. I've had everything from an Audi a4 to a 350z all while owning a 69 convertible. Rice to me is a car with a huge fiberglass wing, crappy unpainted bodykit, a huge tach that isn't even hooked up all on a front wheel drive POS. However, there are many highly capable japanese, european, and american cars... some of which go in straight lines well while others are meant for road racing, while others do both well. I think we all should have respect for cars as a whole and stop being so closed minded.

    That being said, like i said before, that motor does not belong in that car.
  7. That's just retarded. Now you have a $$ motor, making as much as a SB N/A. I can hear the rice coment sright now. "It's calssic, but done right"

  8. Well, to me Rice is something that is Asian produced. As in it's origin's main crop. I've seen a lot of rice paddies around here. I know there are some good Japanese cars, and a few decent Korean ones (Tuscanni aka Tiberon) and I don't usually complain about them except to laugh at the stupid neon and kits peole put on, but I have a MAJOR problem when people start doing this crap. I have enough of a problem seeing a 32 Coupe w/ a freaking Chevy SB. But at least it's american in american. I'm not closed minded, just territorial. And I usually can't fit in an import (except the Titan/Tundra size truck!)

  9. personally i would rather see that engine in the car than any freaking small block chevy, gen III's excluded, to me a 350 chevy is as bad as if not worse than "rice". i also would not consider a 350z, or any Z for that matter, as rice and that is the one and only exception i will make for *** cars. *** trucks are a different story though, i've had 3 little *** trucks a 90 mitsubishi, a 74 toyota hi-lux and an old 620 nissan super cab. personally if i was going to buy another DD type vehicle right now it would be a late 80's toyota PU, probably an 87 or 88. excellent mileage if you get the 5 speed instead of the 4 speed can haul pretty much everything i'd need it to and can pull my wife's little paddle boat.
  10. At least post up the rest of the goofy car pics...:nice:


    See the two goofy yellow 350z cars? They are in the pictures with the Mustang top right.

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  11. That's just stopid!
  12. But then there's also crappy cars like Civics, Corollas, Cavaliers, and Escorts that people give to their kids, who in turn "modify" them. That's my whole problem with the import scene, is that Civics are cool(?!!).:shrug: :rlaugh:
  13. [QUOTE='66 coupe]But then there's also crappy cars like Civics, Corollas, Cavaliers, and Escorts that people give to their kids, who in turn "modify" them. That's my whole problem with the import scene, is that Civics are cool(?!!).:shrug: :rlaugh:[/QUOTE]

    civics are essentially the new muscle cars... cheap and can be very powerful if done right. Styling is a different story... the rice culture with it's gaudy wings and do-dads bolted everywhere is horrible. But I was a passenger in a modified 2002 vette which got spanked by an early 90's turbo civic. Completely stock looking down to the orange corner lights (except for the black anodized intercooler). Talked to the owner afterwards and he said he was making close to 500hp and I believe it. Ultimate sleeper.
  14. I bet that car makes more power than yours do... Unless you have a power adder (which you could have gotten the same power NA if you tried hard enough).
  15. First, anyone who does not see this as terrible needs to simplely get on your knees and begain smashing your face into the ground till you die. This car is not just wrong, wrong is a 1984 GT with a 350 Chevy engine. I'm not even kidding here if I saw someone with that car out on the street and they were all proud of it, I would just have to flip out and scream at them till they A: died of shame, B: Reassured me that this is really all a suiside atempt and they were just waiting for me to come along and handed me a gun or, C: (Most probable) started to pee themselves and jumped back in their "totally rad" Nissan and drove themselves into a brick wall all the while screaming OOOOHH! BRING ON THE NOZZZZ!...Ok, now that that's out of my system...Seriously I don't care if that car makes 10,000 hp its still crap.
  16. Dang that's dumb. Not only would it be a real pain in the yuhoo to install a nissan motor in a stang, but it would never make as much power as you could get out of a turbo 302, or 351 engine that would basically bolt up.

    Oh the horror.
  17. Sinners! They're going to burn in hell....what the hell was the point of doing that? Just do it right and drop in a 408 or something....The only reason they did that was to please the 13yr olds who don't know what a small block ford looks like.....*gag* If my son ever turns out to be a ricer im going to beat him into V-8 love, call me close minded, but thats just my opioion.
  18. Well, one of our members here has an Asian motor in his early mustang. His name is Gowest. Do a search in classic tech and look at his car and the details involved in the mods he's done. It's quite impressive. The kind of talk here is similar in vane to how the "children" over at 3.8 were trashing sn65 over thanksgiving.
  19. When I think about this idea it is ironic.

    On one side, I hate what most import cars have come to represent: Dumb 16-20 somethings who know nothing about cars short of what movies and magazines tell them. Most of them have never been to the track but will tell you they run 10s in the quarter despite being stock with VTEC.

    I think this is what we are mad at. To know the next generation doesn't care about the cars we love and for the most part is ignorant of what real hot-rodding is.

    But then we have the other side.
    Take this car for example, a RB25det nissan motor inside an otherwise nice fastback. Obviously someone put a lot of time and effort into getting this to fit.

    And here is the kicker: I can't help but think of post WWII when hot rods contained anything you could get your hands on. Obviously as we know, the olds and cadillac OHV v-8s were the first to get throw into model As or Willys. SBCs showed up in EVERYTHING post 1955. So while I do agree this car is not what I would ever want, I do appreciate someone thinking outside the box and not doing an AFR 185/Victor Jr headed 347.