Thoughts on the new CPP front suspension?

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by bnickel, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. I've already got the RRS struts, so if they release it at a cheap enough price, and I can get it shipped over ok I will try it out and let you know how it goes!

  2. how does $400 for just the lower kit sound? not sure what shipping will be on it but the kit itself is pretty inexpensive. the flyer i got on it has the published prices listed.

  3. my plan is similar but using custom Opentracker parts up top with maybe a coilover setup.
  4. to the CPP man!


    When do you expect to be selling the 65 mustang kits? I am ready to order one now!!!

  5. We are shipping the 64-66 as we speak! Call 800-522-5004
  6. hi, do you have any hi-res images of the kit/parts? cant find anything mustang on your site..

    have you thought about a coilover version? then it would be real interesting.

  7. I am taking my 67 down there on Saturday so they can install and test their setup and make sure all the measurements are correct for their kit. I will bring a camera with me to photograph what ever they are willing to show me. When I get the car back I'll take a bunch of pics of it installed as well. If there are any specific pics you want of the setup just let me know and I'll try to snap and post them.
  8. I am looking forward to what you think of the system once installed. What would be great is if you could get some others to drive the car before and after so that we could get some real would impression of the system.
  9. I'll see if I can get my dad and a friend of mine to take the 67 out for a spin sometime this week.

  10. just FYI, the 67-68 should be the same as 69-70 as well. i'm not aware of any dimensional differences between 67-68 and 69-70 so your 67-68 kit should fit 69-70 too, as well as the cougars of the same year. i'm pretty excited about the kit myself as i'm seriously considering the lower kit for my 69 cougar. i have other plans for the upper control arms though, as i consider Opentracker a good friend of mine so i'll be using some of his parts on the cougar as well, no offense though.

  11. :nice:
  12. Are you just doing the lowers or the full coilover setup?
  13. Awesome

    Cool man. I called and emailed them like crazy and even tried to leverage a friend of the guys who work there to use my 69 for mock-up. Never got a response. I'm about an hour away; perhaps if I camped on their doorstep...

    Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the system, but based on my experience (or lack thereof) with them, I am feeling hesitant about purchasing the kit myself.

    Hope you have much better luck than I.
  14. This setup uses the stock springs, shocks and spring perch if I'm not mistaken. Comes with a new upper A-arm tho. I talked to Danny on the phone and he said that he doesn't like using coil overs with this setup because the shocks are too short for the springs when you bolt them to the upper arm. I agree with that. I also talked to him about a longer shock/spring coil over setup and he said the bottem mount would need to be fabricated on the lower arm but said there is more then enough space to do something like that.

    I'm going to bring up the idea of including a roller perch as part of the kit or an option for the kit when I meet with him on Saturday.

  15. i'm not sure that's all that great an idea, as it will drive up the cost of the kit quite a bit, unless they were to include it as an option.
  16. Its just something I think they should think about offering. I'm sure a roller perch would offer a better ride over a stock perch, even with this suspension setup.

  17. i'm sure it would as well. maybe you can mention Opentracker to them and they could sell his as an extra cost option for their kits. i just don't know if they could add them to the regular kit without doubling the price of the kit (for the uppers only) since their upper kits cost as much as John's roller perches.

    personally, i like the idea of being able to tell people about John's parts myself and sending the business his way.
  18. Thats actually exactly what I was planning on doing :)

  19. as long as they don't start copying it and then selling them themselves like another suspension parts builder seems to have done, i'm cool with it. i really hateit when people do that. and i'm not talking about Day either he has the blessing from John to sell his kits. the one i'm talking about is a little more, shall we say, famous. maybe i'm wrong and maybe he didn't rip off John's stuff as bad as it looks like he did but it sure seems to me that after John posted a few of his ideas on the forums here and a few other places all of a sudden this other guy is marketing nearly identical pieces and having them written up pretty good as well. i know there have been people making "rollerized" perches and lower control arms forever but there is a different part that seems to me to be a near blatant rip-off.