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  1. I have a ticking in the engine when i floor my mustang. Got good msd wires, irridium plugs. Also run 93 octane. Could it be my timing? Friend said so. Im not sure tho. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Detonation doesn't sound so much like "ticking" as it does the sound of a marble rattling around in a paint can (best way I can describe it). You'll really hear it when you load the engine up in a higher gear when at operating temp. Say lugging it up a hill in low RPM.

    If that's the sound you're hearing, then yes....it's probably detonation and it wouldn't hurt to back the timing off a little.
  3. That is exactly what im hearing... Guess my next investment is a timing gun. Thank you for the advice gearbanger.
  4. For sure check the timing. You need to remove the "spout" connector. Ask if you don't know what that is. You shouldn't need more than 87 octane and 12* of timing. Clean the MAF with MAF cleaner or equivalent. Ticking might also be an exhaust leak or arcing from one of the spark plug wires.
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  5. Ive noticed the gas does not matter. Cause she makes that sound no matter what i put in her. Do you recommend i buy a timing gun to change the timing? I have the chilton manual, and have done everythong to my car except exhaust, cant weld. What do u think. Is this an average joe fix or pro?
  6. Couple of things. A timing light is needed to set the timing. If you plan on keeping the car an OBDI code reader at $25 is an investment that will save you $$'s not spent on replacing good parts. The code reader allows you to retrieve data trouble codes (DTCs) saved in the cars computer. Needed for diagnostics of possible operating issues. Ticking sounds are hard to define in writing. Can you narrow the sound down to an area on and/or around the engine? This might help narrow the search to a particular problem area.
  7. I have a chilton manual, and use speaker wire to talk to computer. Kinda caveman, i know. Would definately buy this code reader, have not seen onw tho. Only codes it gives me tho are 564, fan control circuit failure. Just today it gave me 157,158. Which are mass air flow above and below voltage. Gonna backprobe that now... the ticking however sounds like from the distributor. That my best guess. I appreciate the advice toyman. Where can i acquire this code reader you speak of.
  8. Here.
  9. Innova... is that the one? Or do you recommend another
  10. That's the one.
  11. Same one I have. Works just dandy.
  12. Cool beans thanks guys.