TMI Seat issues

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  1. Just want to warn everyone out there about TMI seat products! Did some checking before buying the seat foams and covers for my 69 Mach I. TMI caught my eye with their Sport version that keeps the stock look but adds some extra bolster on the back and bottom. Sent them out to a professional trim shop for the recover job and when I got the driver seat back it looked great. However, when I reinstalled it in the car I was barely able to get in the car. I had 4" from the bottom of the steering wheel to the top of the seat cushion. When I finally got in my head was WELL into the headliner and the steering wheel was into my crotch with the seat all the way back. I had to crouch down just to see out the windshield!! Now I'm not all that tall, 5' 11" and I do understand the new foams are going to be a little thicker than the 45 year old ones that came out, but this was WAY out of line. Long story short, found out the bottom side of the seat foams does not match the top side of the seat frame, causing the person to sit way high.
    Have contacted TMI numerous times, sent pics, absolutely no help from them at all. So unless your 5 feet nothing, STAY AWAY!!
  2. Ouch, I`m 6 2" and was thinking of that sportseat....did you get the new sportseat 2 I think they call it? Or just the original sportseat?
  3. Got the Sport seat II. Seat buns are the same for these and the "R" model. At 6'2" ya better start looking for a sunroof! I am currently waiting to get my seats back from the trim shop after major mods to the seat buns to make them fit to the stock frames. I don't mind paying good money for parts that fit and function as advertised, but these fell well short of that requirement. I'll post results after the rework and install. Too bad TMI was no help.
  4. it only makes sense that the extra padding would raise the seat height:shrug:
  5. I had the impression that the extra padding was in the bolsters on each side of the seat, not in the seat of the seat. I actually have my supplier checking on that very issue right now after seeing this post. I want the sport seat, but if it raises my seat height, i`ll be using the old design, I like low riding anyway.
  6. I thought exactly what you thought. The seat (bottom) should be close to the stock thickness. For some reason, that I don't know, TMI will not respond to my inquiries to this issue. I currently have my trim guy reworking the seat buns to fit the seat frame as the OEM buns did.
  7. When I did the sport version on my 70 lost some head room. I'm 5'10 and only had about an 1 to 2 inch between my head and liner. Actually seems like you sit more straight up also. Hit my head a few times getting into the car. I also have a 13 inch steering wheel - larger one would be a problem. They have settled a little over the year and are bearable. I actually put some weights on the front seat to help speed that up. Also I removed the rubber spacers where the top and front meet in the back of the seat. That helped a lot. Reclined it a little more. Will be interesting to see what you hear from TMI.
  8. Thats why i went with procar rally seats, at least they recline a bit. Plus i ordered a headliner from mustangs to fear, it is supposed to give you an extra 2 inches of head room.
  9. Did you ever voice these problems to TMI? When I contacted them all they said was " well, this is the first time we have had a problem like this". I'm 5' 11" and have a stock steering wheel, so I think you know where I'm coming from. I also put shorter seat back stops in and got some extra room but the wheel is still in my lap. If ya gotta put weights on the seat, something ain't right in Mudville!
  10. It's to my knowledge that you've been speaking to a few of our representatives already, and you've also spoken to our GM about our issue, and we also offered for you to send our foam back, and to give you a new one on our dime. If there's anything else we can help you with let me know. I want to make sure that this situation gets fixed in the best way possible! If you'd like send me an email directly to [email protected] and let me know how I can help.
  11. HotMach1, I just started the install of some TMI front and rear seats Sport II's

    I'm about to get to the front seats this week so I am interested on how they work out. Before I start I will be taking some measurements so I can see the differences between the two seats. Also I will make sure that the foam sits in correctly into the frame as to not have the seat sit too high. (Thanks for the tip.)

    The other item I wanted to mention is that with the Sprot II's the bolster is about 3 inches higher then stock, so it is going to be harder to get in and out of the car, but I can't understand how the seat can sit sooo high when the foam from TMI is only about a inch to an inch and a 1/2 thick.

    I will keep you posted.
  12. i have used TMI in all my cars and a few i restored for others,never had a issue with the fit. you have to remember that your old foam is probably compacted and broken down and that the new foam isn't so it will set higher .that has been my experience. newly uhpolsrtered seats will set higher. these cars do not have much head room no mater what. i am 5 11 and have to slide my seat all the way back and tilt the back more .69 seat platforms will help they are about 1 inch shorter and they tilt back a little more.
  13. You are correct! It will be a drastic change from 40-50 year old foam to brand new foam in how firm it is and how it feels. Also, after sitting in the car for a while it will become more contoured to you and will set in a small bit.
  14. Ok, so I completed the bottom of the front seat last night. I watched the YouTube video from CJPony and TMI and the only thing I did different was to hog ring down the seat foam before I started putting on the upholstery. When I'm completed with the back portion I will place the seat in my car next to my untouched original seat and see what the height difference is.

  15. I used the video for reference and now I am curious if the seat foam should be tied to the springs also, I just did my passenger seat with the stock style covers and new foams (all TMI) and the front of the seat no longer has the front bump and looks flat. Should I pull it apart again and ring the front rod that's embedded in the foam down to a spring?
  16. i always secure the foam to the springs.that is how the factory did it.
    did you ring the front rod in the seat covers that makes the front bump?
  17. I followed the TMI video to the letter, I only connected the seat cover listing wire to the Embedded rod in the foam. I feel the video should mention more about this issue because I don't see how anyone gets the correct contour with the method they show.
  18. Let me see what we can do regarding another how-to. We are in the process of doing how-to's on paper, but I think revamped how-to's on video would be good.
  19. I am now concerned that I may damage it removing it again, I wish I could buy tmi parts like a single seat bottom, I would feel a bit more confident and willing to take it back down.
  20. i have removed covers that others have installed without dammage .a pair of short jaw snips and cut the rings and it should come off fairly easily