To all who think they have an order

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  1. Well you guys were right The dealer i had the deal with decied it was two much trouble to go thru to move just 2 cars so he gave me and the other guy his money back and told us to call some other guy in the area in the bigger cities... Really suck i guess ill just waite and see what happens when they come out 10k over is a bit much

  2. the only thing i can think of is the owner is ordering the car(s) him self and then auctioning them off or selling them at ridiculous prices, hence why they're saying YOU "cant" order, they've used up their orders if you will
  3. FWIW,
    I got a call from my dealer in So. Cal. (good friends of mine) yesterday and was told they are getting 3. I am fotunate enough to be #2 on the list but was also told there is no firm MSRP yet so therefore they will not take my order. I was also told to plan on coming into the dealer in the beginning of May to place a down and pick the options (color, stripes and stereo basically) and expect delivery in mid August. So I'm still in until I getted priced out of the market, which won't take too long. We'll see.
  4. You can place orders now, but its just that, an order. No garentee or any price or even if it will be built. Not only does the dealership have to be able to get the car itself, but then you have what is called allocation. IE the availibility of being able to order a convertable with the interior upgrade package. They might not at that time(in ford) have the interiors in for the uprgraded vert interior, but can do the upgrade coupe interior. Same thing with wheels, stripes, stereos, and anything else that you can option. This fall when we found out we could order 06 F-150's supercrews with the 6.5 bed instead of the previous standard and only bed you could get which was a 5.5 foot bed. We ordered 3 when the orders system updated so we could order them, but we didnt have allocation for them so we finnaly got the first one last week, and we ordered it back in december i belive. But the other supercrews we ordered in december without the long bed, we had in 6 weeks. THAT is ALOT of the reason why 99% of the dealerships out there are saying they cannot order one yet, because what they put in the system could be something they will never see. When they 05 mustang gt's hit, that spring they ran out of 5-speed manual trannys. We could order all the stick gt's we wanted, but we were never going to see them, because there was no allocation for them. Pricing is also another issue why no one wants to order one yet, because they dont want the person they are ordering for, order it they way they want it and then not be able to afford it after they order a yellow with blue stripe targa top gt 500 auto. Nothing that anyone else would ever want.
    At the delership I work at, we have a list, and when we get pricing and allocation tables, we will work out an agreed number and take deposits. If someone is willing to pay more for the 1 we will get, then we will take a deposit now and they can order what they want, keeping in mind it has to be something that ford is willing to build their way.
    other dealerships are doing it different ways, and have every right to do so.