Engine Tork Tech Gt Headed To The Dyno

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  1. Yeah those focus pump are a joke. http://www.tricktuners.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22

    I finally maxed out my stock pump with boost a pump 430ish hp so then I upgraded the wiring, did the PPRV delete, and the TRE 255 gt supercar pump and was able to keep fuel pressure at 39-40 all the way to redline. Where as before it was dropping to 26 psi with stock pump. I bet had I done the same but with new soaks and pump I would have got the same results. Oh I also drilled out the basket to allow more fuel to enter the pick up for the pump.

    Glad to hear someone finally found a tuner that knows what there doing. Don't know where all this focus pump thing started but is not the way to go for boosted cars.

    Have you had the car at the strip yet?
  2. BAP=Focus pump.

    Most people get the same results in there maxing out the BAP at 450ish and the focus right there. I went with the focus because I despise electrical issues when they arise, so if something wasn't soldered completely, down goes BAP and my motor. The Focus pump takes more time to jack up the car and drop the whole tank then it pops right in.

    The Focus pump gives me just what I need on a DD. It prevents me from cranking the boost or risking popping the motor which gets driven daily and has 157k miles. If I ever build a motor it is getting a Cobra tank and dual GT pumps and a nice FPDM setup.
  3. Yeah I have heard some have good luck with them. I know they draw way more amps. Did you do any wire mods to the pump or FPDM?
  4. I haven't had the car to the track yet....my local track shuts down this coming week so it'll have to wait til next season. I couldn't be happier....Matt @ Performance Evolution is top notch! He helped me from start to finish on my build and is helping me pick the best route on more power as I'm now maxed on my bottom end....more power to come! I would recommend that shop to anybody....its a 2-hour drive for me but well worth it
  5. Do you have data logs for your mass air or did the tuner mention it was close to maxed out? 4.8 to 5 V is max. If its a LMAF like mine you don't have to much meter left. I taxed mine at 12 psi with kenne bell 2.1 I love to hear about those good number Good Job on the car!!!:nice:
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  6. Thanks ill call him and ask tomorrow he saves all the logs...maybe ill ask for a copy of the file