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  1. OH-SNAP? :D

    I dont know, but we know most, if not all the mod guys in Arkansas that are on SN, he's not one of them. I wish he was, we could've met under better circumstances. Honestly his friends were pissing me off more than he was, but he didnt tell them to stfu, and apparently was the one who brought/used the track bite, so that tells me enough about him.
  2. Fixt x2 :D
  3. Fixt x2 :D

    I wasn't sure why he was doing another burnout.. I was like "wtf??" :scratch:.. But after I launched and got thru 2nd gear, looked in my passenger's side mirror to see how far back he was, I had a thought of "whoa.. he broke or didn't race".. then when I got my ET slip, they said "yeah, looks like he broke" :rlaugh:
  4. Pardon my track-newbie-ness but....
    What is "track bite?"
  5. Track bite is a chemical liquid that you throw in front /behind your tires before staging, then roll into it and light em up for a few seconds. It really helps you're tires hook, but Ive only ever seen people use it with street tires. To use it WITH drag radials is just dumb, especially on a stock 8.8" rear end. Basically they were trying to not only beat my friend, but beat him by a lot by getting a huge advantage off the line. (he had street tires). This is one of those instances where two things that are good used individually = 1 bad thing when used together. Karma :)
  6. Track bite is a an adhesive substance that you lay down in front of your tires after you do a burnout. After your burnout, when your tires are nice and warm, you start to roll thru it and turn the tires over 1-2 times just to cover most of the tire without slinging it off. Then, if you get to play with it and have time, you can open your door and hear the tires actually STICKING to the ground as if you're pulling your finger from a glue-like surface. Very cool and it works pretty good.

    My buddy, BFI, uses it with his drag car. But he's got a HELLA rearend with 4.88's and 29x11.50 drag radials. If you use it with our rearends and DR's then you're gonna do what that kid did.. pretty stupid if you ask me.

    But it's mainly for street tires OR high-powered, fully built rear-ended cars with DR's

    If you put a drop or two on your fingers and rub your fingers together (to let friction create heat) it'll basically glue your fingers together (trust me, i've done this :rlaugh: )
  7. I haven't read all of the posts, but in reply to the original one...I know exactly what you mean. I raced a old 5.0 mustang the other day and he wouldn't tell me what he had done. I of course popped my hood and showed him the blower and problem. He barely beats me because I spin through 2nd and into 3rd--bad tires and just didn't get that launch (KB blower too...). He tells everyone he beat me by 4 car lengths when it was 1/2 and I was pulling hard when he shutdown. Right afterwards I drive his car and think to myself no way this car just beat me. I get out and BAM street slicks, then he says he's got the car completely setup to launch, plus a fairly built motor and nitrous. Well, I still give props to the guy but no need for him talking ****.