Traded GT 500 for 2010 GT

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by whuml, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. I'm waiting for the 2011 with the EcoBoost to go for low 20's new and mid-teens lightly used. :nice:
  2. Like the person stated before, you grab an aftermarket tuner and you'll be looking to change the revs per mile figure.

  3. My concern with making the Mustang too upscale is what is happening with the Dodge Challenger and possibly the new Camaro. Sales on the Challenger are awful. $40K for a Dodge Challenger R/T with a manual. No thanks! I am happy to hear you can get a 10 Mustang GT manual for under $30K. Like you said once the hype of the new model cools off you should be able to find deals for mid $20K range in 6 months.
  4. How do you like 2010 compared to the older body style?
  5. 2010's are nice, but my Dad has a GT500 and I gotta say, there is no way I could trade that for a 2010 GT. Nice car regardless.
  6. I too would have found a way to bolt up an automatic to the GT500. Does the 5R55s bolt in (provided its beefed up)? Or does one have to get a 4R70 (?) the one thats on the SN95? This is something I've always wondered about.
  7. How would a different dealer help him.. They told him the truth IDS has a menu under programmable parameters for axle ratio but it's locked we can't change it.

    It's possible that engineering could unlock that but I do not know and even if so they wont let us do it.

    The only option is in the aftermarket.. ( tuner)
  8. Wow, you traded a GT500 for 10GT........................ To each his own, hope you love the GT