Tried out the Zex part 2 - it's friggin' working!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Jimp, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. The nice thing about nitrous is that it doesn't affect your day to day driving. You still get the same gas mileage until you need a hit! It doesn't cause any extra wear when not in use.
  2. /agree.. but when i put nitrous on my 95 5.0 i kept my foot in it.. go ahead.. say it.. you know how it is... you'll pull up to the red light and think.. oh, i'll just hit it once.. lmao!

    I got about 50 redlights between my house and work. That equals about hmm... let me think.. divorce mpg? LMAO!

    UNLESS.. i haven't considered this.. (as married people get half their brain destroyed) your single.. in that case.. take my advice...

    BUY ALL THE DAMN ADD-ONS/MODS YOU CAN AFFORD!!!!!!! Make it go as fast as it can so you can like me say "yes, i know its only stock, but i USED to have a 95 5.0 with ALL THE GOODIES that got 8mpg and was HELL ON WHEELS. Being able to say that makes me happy. :)
  3. Jimp,

    You got me itching here... Hahahahah... Zex $650ish, + SCT-X2 $350ish + bottle fill $40ish = ONE FUN AZSE RIDE...

    Do I have $1,050 to spend on this kind of fun.... Hmmmmmm....thinking, thinking, thinking.....

    2 Zex men on the forum now... NEXT?
  4. Do the SCT-2 for sure. It will change the way you think about your car.
  5. Man, i think MSP might beat me to it, but i really want it now lol. I was never a fan of nitrous until the new v6 (even though i have it on my 01gt, but it was a $900 kit). I always use to say bottles are for babies... so umm....

    GAA GAA GOO GOO gimme ZEX!!!
  6. :lol: :lol: Pretty Much!
  7. sweet good gosh man, i dont come here for a week or two and look what happens!!! that is soo hella-awesome man i am hella-jealous!!!
    gosh i hate being broke!!!!
  8. wow... Glad to see your little problem worked out!!!! When I read your other post I was like "How in the world can Jimp not notice a difference!" Now Lidio has driven som e incredible machines over his long career... but even he was grinning from ear to ear during our little test drive! LOL!

    One thing you guys may want do think about is the "racer's package" or "kit".... Includes Heater, purge, gauge and saftey blow down tube (important if you go to the track)... It runs around $290 to $300... We've got the purge in... need to cut the hole for the blowdown tube and then run the wiring for the heater...

    I'm sure Jimp and I will be rubbing it in.... I mean updating you guys (and gal) regularly... LOL

    Side note... Not a single wrench light yesterday...
  9. Hope that's the end of the error messages for you scrming. I already have a pressure gauge and blowdown tube. I still want to get the bottle heater before it starts getting cold and a bottle blanket.
  10. by any chance do you all have pics of the set up in the trunk?
  11. I'll try to get some pics later.
  12. My install pics are here: Zex

    Includes a pic of bottle... does not include purge valve...
  13. It appears to be... no wrench light yesterday or today! I really think it was how we had the wire run... like it was picking up feedback or some stray signal... LOL!
  14. Good news scming, so when is your next track trip? :)
  15. another mod u may need is an 8.8 rearend, i known ppl to break the 7.5's with that much power from a stop in last generations V6's
  16. The powerhouse rear end broke at 439rwtq with slicks. Hes a long way from that.
  17. depending on the weather... and the Mrs... I would like to try and go this Satruday night...
  18. im jealous. i probably wont be able to go to the track for a few weeks, the weather just isnt cooling down here, still hittin over 100, which is definately not ideal lol.
  19. I'm planning on getting a Detroit Locker TrueTrac soon. That won't break, lol.
  20. Soon for Jimp means, its already been shipped.. Or its under his blanket in the room already.. :D

    Be nice once he does have the detroit locker in, if he could use a 30MM camera to have his wife or friend take a shot of the front tires showing some air.. LOL!! That would be all she wrote! :nice: Guess you would need slicks for that though.. You plan on getting some Draglites or some type of wheels for the track later Jimp?

    Once I get the NOS and the rear-end put in, I am going to get a set of Weld Draglites, for the runs at the track.. I want to go so bad I can taste it..