Turbo Mustang vs. 10 sec. Supra

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  1. :jaw:what a car
  2. :drool:

    Man I want a turbo!
  3. :stupid:
  4. Was that a bracket race?

    Cuz if not the stang launched late and still spanked him. :nice:
  5. the title should be changed to

    "mustang with parachute vs 10 sec supra"
  6. Yeah but how often do you see a sub-9 second mustang with no stickers/sponsors.

  7. Most Turbo Mustangs need a chute. Supras however do not.

  8. how often do you see a supra that has the power to run 10's but cant break out of the 12's :rolleyes:
  9. I just want to know who was running the chainsaw at the starting line? :shrug:

    Oops, my mistake.

    Apparently that's the sound that supra's make :notnice:
  10. hahahahaha..... :rlaugh:
  11. yeah ummm someone needs to react faster...lol no that must've been a bracket race cuz you think that someone with that much into their car woulda had a lotta practice racing it...that mustang was sweet...and it prolly didn't have a ridiculous amount more money into it than the supra cuz as said before getting a supra out of the twelves can be rough...
  12. Me too, but Ill "settle" for that Supra too.
  13. I think he was bustin the Supra's chops! :rlaugh: :lol:
  14. Does anyone know what combo the mustang was running? I know it has a turbo but what else?
  15. Turbo mustang was waiting on a certain PSI to show before he launched.:nice: