1. Just curious. How woul d a turbo setup go. Would this be good?
    Rebuild my engine 306, forged internals. Trick flow tope mend kit. Most likely the street heat. Upgraded fuel and ignition to support the turbo. And the cheap on3 turbo kit with plans to upgrade the turbo and wastegate down the road.

    My questions are can I run that engine setup with the upgraded fuelsystem without the turbo for awhile? I plan on rebuilding the engine first and adding the turbo shortly after. And I want to do the fuel system when the engine is built thatway I ddon't have to tear it apart again. So would I be ok with the bigger injectors and tb and maf and no turbo?
    Also I want to ubgrade the cooling system. What radiators are out there that I should look into? And I like the look of the braided hoses. Would they be ok for a dd? This is all in my 94.

    I know a lot of you don't like the On3 turbo kit but I've read a lot of good reviews on it too some say the kit they got fit fine. Some didn't. I guess its hit or miss. They all say for the money it costs it was worth it. So I'm going to give it a try. And down the road I will upgrade the turbo and wastegate to something better. I've read that they give good power. So it sounds good enough for me. By the time I'm going turbo in rhe 94 I will alreasy have another dd so this will be my "fun" car. By that time the whole car will be done in stages. New brakes, suspension, interior, exterior and paint etc. I can't wait lol. I plan on having to spend prob 2500 $ for the kit and other parts I need for the turbo.

    Another question. When buying a better kit that costs 4-5k what's the difference besides a better turbo and wastegate? Better fit? And better quality?
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  2. And also in the on3 kit it comes with headers. Is there other headers I can buy setup for a turbo?
  3. It only takes a "minute" to swap out maf and injectors. Why not leave em in the closet until they're needed?
  4. I figured it would be a pain in the ass to swap out but if not ill wait untill I go turbo.
  5. I run an On3 kit on my Foxbody for over 2 yrs now...l like it...fit well...i want to replace all the clamps tho with RPS ones just to make sure i dont have any leaks down the road...other then that, i pretty much drive it to work a few times a week...have it with me today...lol
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  6. Nah man the injectors just disconnect and pull out.
  7. Did you user their maf and injectors?
  8. [quot="MY 85 GT, post: 8778587, member: 136373"]I run an On3 kit on my Foxbody for over 2 yrs now...l like it...fit well...i want to replace all the clamps tho with RPS ones just to make sure i dont have any leaks down the road...other then that, i pretty much drive it to work a few times a week...have it with me today...lol[/quote]
    Does It make decent power? And can you hear the turbo spooling up and release?
  9. Im just shy of 500 rwhp...on a very safe tune...yes you hear the waste gate about a block away..as far as turbo spooling kinda...my exhaust is loud so around town no...i get on the highway and do some high speed blast yes you hear it spool/whistle...sounds like a jet plane...lol
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  10. how does the exhaust from the turbo work with the exhaust on the car? is there a separate pipe that you have to make?
  11. My kit came with a Y-pipe off the down pipe right into the cat back...i used a set of Bassani race series mufflers with Dumps...sounds good...i can post videos when i get home from work..
  12. Cool, I'm thinking I will drop the hammer once my car gets back from paint. Did you use their maf and injectors?
  13. No i have a Pro-M mass air and Bosch 42 lb injectors...and a Walbro 340 fuel pump and a snow performance stage 2 meth kit....
  14. @ry94stang50 Why rebuild? If the engine is going to blow, it's gonna blow. You can get another short block for a lot cheaper than a forged internal 306. But if I'm not mistaken, MY 85 GT has a stock bottom end and look how long he's been running. Save your money for a safe tune and have fun. Buy the HCI and turbo kit from On3 and you'll be in it for $5k. You really wanna spend another $1500 on the engine if you really dont need to? It's going to be a street car, no need to build it like a race car.
  15. Because the engine isn't doing so well. Smoke when I floor it. Might have a bad headgasket. Its fonna need rebuilding. I would rather do it right the first time. Nice fresh engine for a turbo.

    After the turbo and hci I should be able to get good power. I would want a real safe tune. Hopefully ill be putting down 425 to the wheels with a safe tune.
  16. That actually sounds pretty good. When I get a turbo I think I'm going to put a dif cat back on. Something that's not that loud but still aggressive so I can hear the turbo more.
  17. Yeah i like the sound of it...its gotten louder of the yrs...The on3 y-pipe has a cut out so you can open it and run a open down pipe if you wanted to...i never tried it...lol
  18. Lol. Yeah that sounds like a really good setup. What trans are you running? I plan on a tko 500 if it can handle 400+ hp.
    Did you install the turbo yourself or did you have a shop do it?
    If you did it how was the install? Any problems and tips for me? I know you said better clamps. How about welding ? Did you have to weld anything or will clamps and rubber fittings hold up?