Turbo V-6

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  1. Why doesn't Ford build a supercharged or turbo V-6 Mustang? :shrug:

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  2. Probably because the majority of potential buyers would rather spend the money on a V8 instead.
  3. yeah but more people are saying bye to V-8 and going for cars with turbo V-6.
  4. Not the kinda people that are the market for Mustangs.
  5. I think they would do pretty well with a turbo or supercharged V-6. I personally would go for a V-8. But that could be an intermidiate between the V-6 and V-8.
  6. If they would build a V6 that was as indestructible as the Buick Turbo 3.8 that was used in the Grand National/T-Type, it would be interesting, but I would rather have a torquey V8.

  7. A turbo V-6 with a 6spd and IRS would be interesting.
  8. Most performance mustang people want a V8, plus we have the S/C Cobra for the Forced induction crowd.
  9. So maybe they should drop the S/C Cobra and build a S/C V-6.
  10. The hard core performance guys will turbo/supercharge a V8 anyway and they want the performance headroom a V8 offers.

    The old SVO mustangs were turbo had great handling for the day, 4 wheel disk brakes, a better car than the same year GT in almost every way but they didn’t sell too well. Mustang has a loyal following and they know what they want V8 rear wheel drive.

    The Ford Probe was supposed to be the new mustang but when people found out it was going to be front drive and a 4cyl people went nuts. There were petitions write in campaigns and everything. People said the mustang had to have a V8 and rear drive. Ford listened to the people and continued with the V8 rear drive format.

    Here’s a quote from a car and driver article on the mustang

    "A new platform and new sheet metal restored respectability in '79, but by the mid-'80s the product planners were contemplating infanticide once again: an all-new Mustang on a front-drive platform. With no V-8 engine. This heresy stopped only when then-president Donald E. Petersen was deluged with outraged mail from Mustang faithful, much of it, according to the folklore, using the same salutation: "Dear *******." Petersen was moved to rescue the Mustang from impending oblivion, and the front-driver went on to become the Ford Probe, since deceased."

    It would be interesting to have a turbo 6 but I still wouldn’t buy one. Many posts above have said the same and the majority of mustang loyalist’s wouldn’t accept it. If someone really wanted a turbo 6 cyl, there would be more turbo kits and performance parts for the 3.8 out there. If ford offered me a 300 hp V6 versus a 300 hp V8 for the same price Ill take the V8.

    Ford has to make money and building a turbo 6 would cost more than it returned. It might find a niche market but unless you are going all out on a image cars niche market cars don’t make sense for a large company.
  11. i agree with the guys, plus lots of people belive that a v8 with the same hoarse would outlive a v6 with forced induction

    the 4.6 is a great engine, and mustang people dont want their cars to be like lots of other cars, fwd and/or v6
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing a return of the Probe, but not at the expense of what made the Mustang great. The Probe was a decently handling FWD import slayer, but I think we won't be seeing a return of that vehicle unfortunately. It sure would be nice to have a proper two-door hatchback with a turbocharged 4-banger though (I don't consider the Focus ZX3 to be a proper hatchback..) to shut the SRT-4 guys up.
  13. If you remember, they had a turbo 4 in 84,85, and 86 (SVO). I think it had 205hp and had great handling, but it only lasted three years cause it cost as much if not more than a GT. :shrug:
  14. Mustang buyers want a V8!!
  15. The only practical reason I can think of to use a smaller FI engine is to improve weight distribution, and the new Mustang has perfect weight distribution with the V8.
  16. Because the Barra 4.0 I6-T in the OZ Falcon XR6 produces more hp/tq than even the '05s 4.6 ---- 320hp and 325lb/ft

    better engine, but Ford would never do it -- stupid choice by Ford in my opinion :nonono:
    more feasible would be the n/a I6 (244hp/275 lb/ft) instead of the danged V6 but again , Ford is stupid in that respect :notnice:
  17. In regards to the 4.0T, you could just add FI to the V8 and have more power. There really is no replacement for displacement.

    Plus, people want the "Mustang sound", which can't be replicated by a 4 or 6 cylinder engine.
  18. The simple answer is Ford doesn't need one. They have V-8's instead.
  19. It may be a better engine. But try doing the currency conversion for the list price of that falcon. It's list price is 45,085.00 AUD. before any options.
    Which converts to 35,632.71 USD. And for that price we have the Cobra which cranks out considerably more hp that 320.
  20. But it ain't no Falcon :p

    Back before our dollar got so strong against the US$, it used to be down around 52 cents for a long while, which would have made it a 22.5k car.