twin turbo 383w Pinto build has started

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  1. twin turbo 383w Pinto build has started *pics added*

    Hey all. I started on the mochup for the twin turbo build. Over the winter the interior is being redone, the car will be painted and a new 383 stroker dropped into the beast.

    This is what my new combination will consist of

    '95 roller block 351 with Eagle 383 forged internals
    Z303 cam
    RHS 215 aluminum heads
    Edelbrock Torker II intake (needed shorter intake....don't want to put a 20 inch colw hood on it!)
    CSU 750 (powdercoated red) and CSU polished bonnet
    Aeromotive A1000 and 13204 regulator and 12304 filter
    ponydown '79-'93 twin turbo headers...MAY need to be modifed
    2 masterpower TO4E 60 trims with T4 .68 a/r undivided turbine housings
    31x12x3 xs power intercooler
    2 38mm Tial wastegates and Tial 50mm blow off valve
    innovate wideband
    AEM tru- boost controller
    Built C5 with 3000 convertor (non lockup..C4 convertor and C4 bellhousing)
    9 inch rear with spooled 3:50 gears (looking for 3:10's)

    IT should be good for an easy 650hp on pump gas and 800 with C16 and a safe tune.
  2. I heard you got a sweet distributor for it, too! ;)
  3. you bet i did! How is you engine build going?
  4. Mine's coming along very slowly.. I have pretty much all my purchasing done though. The motor is assembled up to the lower intake.. the rest of the stuff that is on is just mocked up.

    I hope to have it done over winter break, I think it's realistic. I so want to do a turbo project on mine, but I'll save that for down the line still.
  5. i'm going slow as well. Should be done for spring....but no biggie if it's not. Doing the turbo thing can be expensive.....especially if you get good quallity parts (wastegates turbos ect) If you thinking about it for the future, make sure you build your engine with all the right parts now, forged pistons lower compression and heads with thicker decks to keep the boost in the cylinders.
  6. turbo mockup is pretty much done, just doing the downpipes right now. It's a tight fit with everything in there thats for sure! Pictures are on cardomain in first post.
  7. loaded some pics to photobucket






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  8. :drool: Awesome work!!!

    And nice plates :D
  9. thanks, got the mockup done to tear it all apart to weld it and finish off the rest of the car.





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  10. and with the body assembled





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  11. seriously awesome job so far, i can see you have a well thought out plan..
  12. thanks...most of it has worked out according to plan....but i have been thrown a few curveballs here and there. Three inch exhaust routing in a pinto is not easy to do!
  13. Mind bogglingly cool stuff. You do nice work, dude. That exhaust routing is about as well placed as it's gonna get in a pinto/MII. You gonna wrap the pipes in insulation to keep the floors and tire sidewalls cold?
  14. thanks! The hotside will be ceramic coated up to where the wastegates dump into the exhaust (including the turbine housings), the rest will be painted with ceramic high heat paint and wrapped up to the point of being under the car. Jeff
  15. Love the setup. Have you dyno'd it yet?
  16. no, its just the mockup. My engine is built yet, and the car is going in for body and paint at the end of the month. Won't be ready till late spring likely.
  17. So, when are you coming down to put my car together? :)

    Your setup looks awesome, I'd love to do something like that.
  18. send me a plane ticket buddy and i'll be there!
  19. Very impressive 78pinto clean and tight looking, very trick. I have been day dreaming about doing a TT on one of my 351C engines maybe in the spring, but I have been thinking about how to do it/set it up on a C so it's "in your face" lol:D

    kind of like this...

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