twin turbo 383w Pinto build has started

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by 78pinto, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Freaking beautiful man. How much room do you have from the radiator until you hit stuff? Also, ist here any way you could push your radiator a bit forward?

    If you could stuff a Lincoln MKVIII fan behind your radiator, you'd be a happy camper for cooling.
  2. that thing is sexy
  3. thanks guys, i have about 1/4 of an inch from the snout to the fans. The rad is as far forward as it will go without removing the upper rad support. How thick is the mark VIII fan? I have just over 2 inches between the rad and water pump pulley/snout.
  4. Supposedly the dimensions are.. "the dimensions of this fan are 22"W x 18.5"H x 6.25"D"

    It's a real real deep fan, but you can also trim the shroud. I'd say unless you start running hot, don't sweat it. I'm modifying a lot of stuff in my car to fit it.
  5. thats a bigass fan! You can get them from Spal ( that are only 2.05 inches thick
  6. By the looks of your car, it will run a 2 second quarter mile, When are you going to put a roll cage in it?? Seriously, with that kind of power the car will be too quick to run at the track (without a roll cage) ???? :D
  7. no like to cruise in it too, i'll get one good pass before i get booted!!
  8. good lord....One good pass, and you'll go fast enough to time warp. That is an amazing Pinto, does it require a pilot's liscense LOL
  9. Man I wish I had the money and time to do stuff like that to my capri's. I really wish I did but man you do some amazing work! Any more pics? wish I could do something like that to a mustang II
  10. That is am amazing looking car that you have built. Just one question: How is that unibody going to handle all of that power without twisting the car?
  11. thanks, it's got a kickass set of frame connectors in it.
  12. At 10pm tonight (July 17th) i joined the running turbo car gang! I have some small exhaust leaks, i need to set the timing, fix a small tranny cooler line leak and do a few other little odds and ends....but the damn thing runs!!!:nice: :canada:
  13. Congrats man! Any chance of a video clip down the line?
  14. Did any one else need saltpeter after watching that??:D
  15. I'll make one suggestion if it's cool. Maybe face the end of the DP not directly at the rear tire...blown HG could cause a little trouble if it spews coolant at the rear tire under boost.
  16. thanks, i already though of that....i'll have to come up with something. I don't think it'll hook anyhow!:D
  17. Sounds like you've got a nasty cam in that thing.
  18. Gael, i'm using the Ford Racing Z303 to see how it'll work with turbo boost. If it doesn't work out i'll buy an F303 and use it, as they are great turbo friendly cams (one fellow putting out 1200+hp with one!:jaw: )