Variant of the 2005 Mustang to be unveiled?

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  1. this is a map of the show. the media event was going to be in gallery 37
  2. if you mean which to cameras to chose, its the two on the rightside of the map
  3. well, I am now out of time. guess I'll just have to wait like the rest of the slobs :nonono:
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    FOUND IT! Exxxxxxxxxxxxxcellent!
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    Never mind, Ford has got their section so 'wrapped up' with walls, you can't see anything through the web cams, except that yellow 2004 Mustang.

  6. yep, I cam to that same conclusion
  7. This is getting agitating.
  8. Looks like a bust. No info anywhere on a new varient and the folks over at Brad's site have said the site that said a new varient was going to appear in Chicago no longer has that line in the story. That and the Wieck site hasn't shown anything from Ford yet other than that new Mercury.
  9. See: my last post about this being a let down.
  10. Per BON:

    Hopes Fade For Mustang Variant As Ford Ends Media Conference With Mercury Montego As Only Introduction.

    Oh well. I thought this would be a little soon to debut a Shelby, as they still have plenty of positive buzz from the regular models. Once this initial furor dies down, we'll see the SVT/Shelby/uber-what-have-you.

  11. so, the chicago auto show started, does anyone know what the varient is yet?
  12. There was no varient. It was all a big internet rumor that did not materialize into anything.

    In the words of many police officers around the world....

    Nothing to see here folks, move along...