Viper T-56,quicktime bell,and F1 clutch kit all new

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by killerkx327, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. brand new viper T-56 trans cost $3500

    brand new Quicktime SFI bellhousing for SBF $515

    brand new F1 26 spline stage 3 clutch kit/ flywheel $385

    Used dynotech aluminum driveshaft cost $500

    everything is brand new bolted in the car,never used once.
    it is setup with a hydraulic throwout bearing,it can be easily changed over to a standard cable setup.
    these trans are alot stronger then the TKO600's,they handle 750+ ft.lbs.of trq. and they shift better then any of the TKO trans.

    $3500 o.b.o. for all of it. you're saving over $1400 off from new

    email [email protected] or call 608-346-4015 john

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  2. This wont bolt onto a 4.6 3V? It would be an issue to change the remote shifter style of my 2010 GT to work with this trans tho no? Can I change the bellhousing and make it work?...
  3. i have no idea if it'll work with a the new mustangs. you'll have to do the research.
  4. was this in a fox body and does it come with the drive shaft
  5. yes it was in a fox body and no driveshaft
  6. does it come with the crossmember. sorry for all the question

    thanks carl
  7. No sir, it only comes with what is listed. you can buy the crossmember and driveshaft from D&D performance unless you can build the stuff yourself like i would do.
  8. k np will u ship it and if so can.will you find out how much it will cost me to have it shipped to 33428. boca raton florida. i will have the money in 3 weeks if u still have it then.

    thanks carl
  9. If I have it still when you get the money together, I'll ship it at no extra charge if you'll pay the asking price.
  10. still available and i now have a driveshaft for it as well.
  11. I just picked up a t-56. What would you be willing to take for just the bellhousing and clutch?

    What kind of a driveshaft do you have?
  12. i have a dynotech aluminum driveshaft for a t-56 in a foxbody.
    i'm not looking to seperate any of it at this time.
  13. hey next week i will pick this up from ya

    thanks carl
  14. ok sounds good. whre are you located? am i going to have to ship it to you? if so let me know so i can start lookimng for the right packaging.
  15. i am in boca raton fl 33428

    i will call u this comming week and let u know

    thanks carl
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