Welcome From Amish Lancaster Pa Area

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  1. I been out of the stang business for a while owned a few z28's in between but i recently returned from afgan and picked up a 89gt that was never owned by any one under 30 it came with the wheels and the tail lights and a mac exhaust. The paint is orig but was touched up when chipped and i only added a b&m short throw shifter alumiun rad and outometer water and oil pressure mech gauges. Im here to say hi and find out where the stangers hangout in the lancaster philly reading pa area and get some great info. Heres a few pics of my ride.
  2. Nice ride man... But on another note GO EAGLES!
  3. fixt :D
  4. Do you fly your terrible towel from your car?!?! Haha just messin man. I would like to see a philly vs pit superbowl though if that could ever happen...

  5. Naw... I just posted that because I'm familiar with the love shared between the two cities. :D
  6. I hear ya im not from either of them just an eagles fan and saw he was from the philly area and figured he might be too!