What are the best "bang for the buck" bolt ons for the 96-98 Cobras?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by STREETFIGHTER50, Dec 16, 2006.

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    Well thats your opinion. However a Stock motor is just that, Stock. Not a loose term that is backed by someones opinion on their version of stock, which usually has a mix of stock parts and some modified parts. Stock intake, stock heads, stock internals, stock air filter, stock exhaust. Removing the IMRC's, having a cold air, underdrive pullies and a tune, with Longtubes isnt anywhere close to stock. Maybe you consider that and even a power adder(I wouldnt be suprised) stock, but the rest of the community wouldnt.
  3. Wow...you are dense or your reading capability is distorted....

    let me help...

    This isn't even the point....the original poster asked for the "best bang for the buck" mods.

    He never said "stock". Maybe you should post a definition on Wikipedia of your definition of stock. You might get a call from Webster's.

    Point is...I listed my experience and results with a 100% completely stock MOTOR. Meaning those were good references for mods you can do without tapping into the block, heads, cams, or spending a ton of money by buying a power adder or squeezing....

    That info was for reference for the original poster, not for your approval on what is stock or not. So what you think is stock...fine, that is your opinion. Mine is mine. I really don't care and won't lose sleep over it.

    Back to the poster........one of my friends had a 96 Cobra with 4.10's, weld in Flows, and a O/R H-pipe.....Aside from the exhaust, slicks, and gears- everything aside from that even down to the paper filter....his car was BONE, floor room, stock. He ran a [email protected] on slicks.

    To me that is bang for the buck.
  4. If you are not going to take it to the track then get some 4.10's, Kooks or BBK LT's, O/R h-pipe, tires, and pullies and you'll have a quick little street car.

    For clarification bolt-ons are non FI mods that do not require the removal of the valve covers. Hence the term people use of stock longblock (heads, cams, shortblock). Or stock shorblock (block, crank, pistons, and rods) but may have modified heads, valvetrain, and cams. -Mark