what do you consider "moderation"?

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  1. Just the facts, ma'm

    Thanks, cuban3, for the factual slant on this. Whether you think that nitrous is "cheating" or not is opinion, still we need to avoid misinformation. I hate to be critical on a first post, but I hate all the misinformation disseminated on the 'net.

    I'm into turbo's, not nitrous, but I have hung out on many power adder boards that discuss nitrous oxide use. I have NEVER heard anyone claim that it leaves deposits until today. Chemically, it makes no sense either. It's simply a nitrogen/oxygen compound that breaks down in the combustion chamber into:
    yeah, you guessed it, nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrogen is inert, oxygen supports more combustion of fuel, thus the power increase.

    Engine damage occurs when people don't enrich the fuel properly, or run too much. I doubt that a 50-75 HP shot would effect the reliability of even a box-stock engine one bit.
  2. I do not nor have I ever used nitrous, just because I educated myself about it doesnt mean I use it. My Camaro is plenty fast enough for my modest needs. I "basically" said exaclty what I acutaly said and you still didn't anwser, where did you come up with that? Maybe from the same place you came up with the import tuner thing... If I need to come off less condescending, you should try to come off a little more educated before you try to straighten peoples facts.
  3. :rolleyes: :shrug: Like I said before, there is just no point in continuing this conversation.
  4. :doh: .... :rolleyes: :nonono: You know, there's no point in arguing with someone if they've already got their mind made up about something, so I'm not going to waste my time trying to explain to you why using a "cheater's kit" is cheating. If you want to run around thinking that Nitrous is a 100% fair and safe modification, then go right ahead. As you said yourself, nobody's perfect. :nonono:

  5. :rlaugh: I'm not arguing just giving you the correct facts. You may not like the idea of N2O niether do I really. But on a very basic level it's just like every other engine modification. Now that I have basicly proven your "nitrous deposits" idea wrong please explain to me why a properly tuned and maintained nitrous kit can't be safe? Most of the horror stories from N2O come from people who ran too high a shot for there engine. The ford 3.8 has been proven time and time again to hold up to a 75 shot and in alot of cases a 100 shot. Most of the times that parts have broken they have been rear ends because guys running that much power like running slicks and the 7.5" rear end doesn't like slicks one bit.

    Now I gave you a very scientific detailed explanation why nitrous cannot leave behind any deposits, can you give me maybe a rebuttle on why it would? Just because nitrous has been given a bad name by ricers doesn't mean it's all 100% bad. Remember nitrous goes back all t he way to WW2 when the germans used it on there fighter planes. Now do you seriously think they would have done that if it was going to blow there engines?

  6. Don't worry about it he's just mad that he got proven wrong by "ricers" :shrug:

    So now as long as you use nitrous or give correct facts on it you are automaticaly a ricer (let's make that a sticky) :nonono:
  7. :rolleyes: You know, I never called either of you guys a ricer....so if you want to be a self-proclaimed ricer, then go right ahead....your attitude fits. The only thing that you have proven to me is that you love to hear yourself talk. You go on and on trying to prove your point and even bring WW2 aircraft into the discussion. Well, all I"m going to say on that :OT: point is...the Germans DID lose the war you know. ;) Seriously though, you ask for a rebuttle, and I respond by not offering you one in the least. As before stated and I'm sure you read, I'm not willing to waste my time trying to change your mind when you are thoroughly convinced you are right. It wouldn't matter if I could sit here and PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am correct on this matter, you would STILL insist that you are right. FYI, I'm not mad at all about anything. I just find it amusing that you think you know everything. That said, have a nice day. :nonono:
  8. :rlaugh: I don't think I know everything, I know it. That's part of knowing everything :)
  9. Sorry for being part of the derailment of this thread. I'm just sick of seeing boneheads saying stupid **** that doesn't make any sense and confusing people.

    Moderation is not using all that you can. Basicly it's saying not to spray everytime you get a chance.
  10. That's not true if you could give me a proven fact that backs up your claim of a deposit that nitrous leaves I would gladly say t hat I'm wrong. We are all here to learn and to be taught. I'm teaching you something nitrous can not leave behind deposits. Now with that being said I am thoroughly convinced that I am right because the 4+ years that I have been researching every possible modification for the 3.8L V6 I have never heard or seen a "nitrous deposit," not to mention basic chemistry. The only reason you have stopped trying to prove your point is because you can't and feel a little embarresed, or whatever who knows. So I can now put this to rest knowing that I have prove your mis-information as just that.

    And yes the germans did lose the war but they didn't lose any planes to nitrous deposits...

    Oh and yes you're right I do know more than you (finally he gets it) :nice:
  11. Beautiful...just what we need on here....yet another 5 foot tall internet bada$$. :rolleyes: I could have :owned: you at any point in this conversation, but seriously, why bother? No offense, but you try to be quite the smart a$$ and I now see why there are alot of people here who don't get along with you. Also, stooping to personal attacks and putting words in my mouth is simply childish. You should head over to the MustangWorld forums were stuff like that is considered "cool." As for teaching me something, believe me...there is not one single thing you know that you could teach me. You may have been researching the modifications for the 3.8 for 4+ years, but I've been around cars my entire life...that makes 23 years. So when you try to tell me that you just figured out the gas is on the right after four years of study, please, don't be surprised when I tell you I already know. This will be my final post in this thread because I have wasted more than enough of my time arguing over a modification that is BLATANTLY CHEATING AND UNSAFE FOR YOUR ENGINE with someone who doesn't know what they are talking about. Hopefully this thread will get :lock: before some newbie comes in here, reads what you wrote, believes your ramblings, then goes out and blows the motor on his car b/c you said nitrous was perfectly safe. :nonono:
  12. I'm actually 6' 2"

    So come on and own me tell me about nitrous deposits...

    But all personal attacks aside I have been the only one in this discussion that has actually proven something using facts. You just keep saying oh well I'm right, trust me, I'm right because it's me. At least present some kind of factual bases to your claims so newbs don't go around with the wrong info.

    And no nitrous is not 100% safe. It can be if done correctly.
  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: You're joking, right?

  14. Dude just give the man a chance to prove his point. Even though he can't, maybe that's why he's been so testy.
  15. He's just a fool that's always talking **** and spreading ignorant nonsense. The typical mustang redneck (don't take that the wrong way those of you that aren't stupid. Even though I drive a camaro, I still own a mustang it's broken). I hate to judge people just on what they've said on here. But, from every impression he's given he has the mentality of a 15 year old and is afraid to admit he's wrong. I mean, when I'm a dichead I make sure I'm right first.
  16. Hi my name is Scott, and im a Nitroholic. Its been over a week since my last spray and I'm feeling great about it.

    No really. I have a nice little 75 wet shot. Been using for a while. But I've had bigger set ups in the past. Ive never even had a problem with pudding and I mount my Injectors farther back then people would like. Have ya'll checked the air intake plenum speed lately? Yea, i didn't think so. The only way you get puddling is if you set up your system in correctly. Thats it. The air speed is so high that it all gets sucked up like nothing else. Personally I prefer a push button, because I've seen people with window switches blow their motors due to a malfunction or it not shutting off. I also like the ability to half way through a run nail it if i need the extra power. I use nitrous about once a month, sometimes less. No problems so far. Just a lot of other unhappy cars.

    And by the way. For the above argument. Ive set up over 30 nitrous systems on different cars and had 4 on my own including a direct port. I also work with 3 people and we have a business modifying cars. We do it every day. Puddling is a term is that overused. Anytime someone has a problem they blame it on puddling. Puddling IS NOT a problem with modern day nitrous systems as long as they are set up correctly. And nitrous deposits, well thats just bs. I have yet to see a "nitrous deposit" on any engine I've worked on. And we take these things apart all the time. Nitrous is not perfectly safe. But it is just as safe as any other big mod you do to your engine. How would your supercharger feel if you suddenly leaned it out? Your turbo? Same problem with nitrous. No fuel, and stuff starts breaking. I have been using nitrous oxide since i bought my car. I've had things blow up, and i've had some awesome runs. Just like any mod. If you do it right, you won't have problems. PERIOD.

    P.S. if you have to use :owned: in ur own sentence. You didn't own the person your speaking about in any way or form. You just look stupid for trying. Now ya'll newbs play nice. :lock:
  17. i yuz ether fur mia ryde, itz faysterz den nawz!

    yeah mean03 seems to cause a lot of mindless 3 year old arguments around here
  18. Yes I know that puddling is a very over used word in t he world of nitrous. And I know I was talking about it but I also hope that I said that a properly working, maintained, and tuned system won't have that problem, if I didn't my bad, sorry.

    And for the record I'm not really a newb I joined in 2000 but chose to change my screen name awhile back.

    Anyways thank you for backing me up on t his nitrous deposit thing. :nice:
  19. I wasn't really knockin on what you said...its the other guys bs i was knockin on. And there was no way I could know u weren't a newb...lol..oh well.

  20. No I understand that I just wanted to make clear what I may have failed on making clear earlier. And don't worry about the newb thing there was no way you could have known.