What Do You Hate The Most About Your Mustang?

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  1. Yup, around the 7 year mark those gave out on me. The options for me were to pay someone about $300 per side to replace them, or find the retractors and replace them myself.

    I'm getting lazy and cheap so when I saw what's involved to replace the retractors, I just said screw it. LOL. But I curse them every time I get out of the car.
  2. I went ahead and bought some Schroth street legal harnesses, cheaper then repair.
  3. The seat belt thing of course, and the fact that my f-350 tool truck feels more stable in the corners than my mustang. And I wish the seat went back further
  4. Its that gigantic lift ford put on the mustangs from the factory...I have 18s and theres still a 2 inch gap between the tire and my fender...

    My wife wishes my electric seats moved at all...
  5. That every otherwise stock, crappy compact in town that is festooned with a fart pipe and huge ineffectual rear spoiler feels the need to show off in front of me.

    Seriously, though, on my 2000 GT it was the small patch of rust that surfaced on the RHS rear fender lip at maybe 135,000 miles, that by 170,000 was about 5" in length and pretty nasty-looking. But otherwise I loved that car.

    On my new one it's the impossibly small door panel pockets; I have to use both hands to take anything out and I scrape my knuckles every time.
  6. That it took 40 years to build one that would run 13's with a stock 281 engine.

  7. Yeah they are easier to get power out of due to the turbo and the conservative tune from the factory. Trucks are real popular down here so it gets annoying when a farm truck is faster than my car lol. Of course I wonder how it would have gone from a stop?
    Also whomever designed the seat belts for Ford needs their head examined!
  8. Worse. Boosted 4x4 launch = you losing. Haha.
  9. Sigh I wont race them anymore... I need to graduate already and get a real job.
  10. How tall are you? Ha
  11. About 5'10"...the door handle sits real low on the door panel, so when I'm cruising down the highway I pull my foot back a little to a comfortable position and BAM, there's that stupid handle...
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  12. Sounds pretty bad.
  13. I hate that I don't have it any more :(

  14. For the leak in the trunk check where the trunk meets the body alot of 99-01 had garbage seam sealer and a small rot hole develops in that area... dont ask how i know. Or check the third brake light too
  15. Oh the crappy throw- out bearing, chirp chirp chirp.........
  16. Thanks...I've been trying to nail that down. It's an '03 but the concept is the same. My leak is just forward of the one amp (I've got the Mach 460) so it' coming from below the rear window. Certainly not the third brake light...I've got a Saleen wing on the car now.
  17. ... the rattle that seems to come and go in my passenger door with certain bass frequencies. The fact that the same song can make it happen one day and not the next is the annoying part!
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  18. I have that one too! I thought I was the only one. I figured its a loose bolt or something and I'm too lazy to take the door panel off to look.
  19. I haven't taken mine apart either simply because with the inconsistency, I am not sure what to look for.
  20. The seatbelt pisses me off. Mine doesn't lose to diesels anymore. :D
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