What Have you outrun with your 2.3 N/a?

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  1. Well i decided since im not turbo just yet, i would start an N/A'd thread, i know there are a few of you out there who like to boast about what you beat in your 2.3 n/a. For me the list is pretty short, i beat my friends 93 1.6 (or 1.7 what ever size they are) eclipse i also beat another friends 89 lx 2.3 ;) buahha,*cough*, i whipped a windstar minivan, alot of older honda civic's and a very very loud vw bug, not real proud of that one, minus the fact that i no longer had to hear his overly loud piterpatter :nonono: If my motor holds together ( thats always a maybe these days ) ill have a few more killz on that list, time for a bottle refill! :flag:
  2. Shortest. Thread. Ever. :D
  3. running NAWZ isn't natually aspirated :p

    I think I took a fully loaded 18 wheel rig....once...
  4. Ha!..I out ran Grandma Frisbee in her electric wheelchair..she took me off
    the line but once I hit 2nd it was all over...she went home afterwards
    mumbling something about not having a full charge in her batteries...hmmm. :shrug:
  5. beat up old 6cyl truck
    old crappy taurus
  6. I beat a a.....a.....um. Nope didn't beat any cars.

    I beat a guy on a 50cc mini dirtbike and then I outran his go-cart. :nice:
  7. I didn't get to drive around much with the 2.3 so I didn't get into any races. I did manage to outrun some old guy on foot though :)
  8. :rlaugh: :jester: somehow i knew this thread would end up this way!
  9. - SOHC Civic Auto hatchback
    - Saturn 4-door SOHC
    - Old Accord 2-door
    - A Jeep Wrangler
    - Newer Corolla
    - 93 Corolla
    - V6 Sonata up to 45