What If The Fusion Was Different?

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  1. The biggest gripe about the redesign (should renderings be accurate) is that it's basically a copy of the Fusion. I agree. I then tried to think about this without comparing it to the Fusion. Objectively, I think it actually looks pretty badass. So now it leads me to the question, "Is it that the new Mustang looks too much like the Fusion or that the Fusion looks way too much like what a Mustang SHOULD look like?" The more I think about it, the more I think it's the latter. I think the eff up was on the Fusion, making it too aggressive for a sedan. So now pretend the Fusion doesn't exist, what do you think about the renderings now?
  2. Pics are good. Which pics/renderings/versions are you referring to?
  3. 2 door fusion , rwd, 450+ hp, sheit yeah, i'm in
  4. I saw some Mustang fan boy on an Autoblog article comments section telling everyone that thought the new Mustang looked like the current Ford Fusion that "they needed their eyes checked out or to get some glasses", copying and pasting the same reply to everyone that said that. IMO, boy did he look dumb.
  5. On topic, I pretty much for saw this split over the Mustang's styling because I had a hunch the retro thing wouldn't last forever. The problem is like a drug, some people got really stuck or attached to the retro look and now that it is going away I think there seems to be a bit of a "withdrawal".

    I'm not sure if it is an issue that the S550 looks like a Fusion (which I feel it does), but rather the retro look is gone. I wonder if this discussion would be relevant now had the S197 not gone retro and went with original styling like the Fox and SN-95.
  6. My problem with ford doing away with the retro look, isn't that they are doing it, but rather their reason. Ford is saying that the retro styling is the reason that the average age of a Mustangs owners is 51. So they are styling the car to appeal to a younger people. I feel that the reason for the high age of Mustang owners isn't the styling , but rather the cost of the car. A well equipped GT can easily flirt with 40k. That's a lot of money for a young guy or girl. It's made worse by fact they have never offered any attractive lease programs.
    Unless the make changes to how they price the cars or offer attractive leases, I'm afraid that they are building a car to appeal to a demographic that can't afford it.
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  7. Lease a Mustang GT to a 20-something kid. :rlaugh:

    All they'd get back is a deployed airbag. LOL
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  8. dont forget, many of us were the twenty sumthins buying the fox mustangs new back in the day!

  9. Hmmmm... Lemme think...



    190 rwhp < 400 rwhp?

    Bah! I give up. :p
  10. Just going by the latest spy photos we've seen, I do think the Mustang and the Fusion look a lot alike in regards to the front end of the car. Stick a billet grille in the Mustang and remove the pony emblem, put it next to a new Fusion, and I'm sure one would be hard pressed to tell the two apart.

    That said, I don't think the design is bad...it's growing on me and I look forward to seeing the final product of the Mustang.

    Ford's incorporating this "Aston Martin-esque" look to all the vehicles across their line in SOME capacity so it would just seem to make sense to mix it into the Mustang a bit with the all-new model. I do think it is time to move forward with the design of the Mustang...retro needs to stop...it's been around too long. If it were to continue, we'll be retro'ing retro designs before long. It's had it's time...now lets move on.
  11. I bought my '13 Brembo GT at 25 years old with California cost of living. leasing a mustang feels weird to me. Can't mod it.
  12. I think if people really want a retro Mustang, there's plenty out there. Roll the dice and go boldly into the future for the next generation.

    If the new car doesn't look like a version of Mustang a critic just adores, expect them to cry "ugly".

    If for some reason the car doesn't sell well and Ford believes it's due to the looks, make the new car so that you can re-tool with a new skin very quickly.
  13. Well, if they were going "boldly" into the future, it would be one thing. The issue, and what I was getting at with the Fusion looking too much like a Mustang, is that this isn't bold. We've seen that front end before. Not only is not retro, it's not even new.
  14. I don't care what it look like, if it is fast it will sell.............after all look at the Camaro :shrug: