What is an SN95???

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  1. ive sen this term used everywhere i was just wondering wat it is?
  2. Any mustang from 94-04 is an SN95. That is the designation giving to our chassis from ford. Though most people refer to the 94-95 as the SN95
  3. It's the Ford term for the Fox-4 chassis from 94-04.
  4. Ford now internally coded the new 4th Generation chassis platorm SN-95/Fox-4. SN-95 stands for Specialty Vehicle North American Automotive Operations, which was responsible for the primary design of the new Mustang.

    The chassis was built upon the 3rd Generation Fox Body, but the SN-95 chassis would be a heavily modified Fox monocoque unibody, different enough to be named Fox-4. They lengthened the wheelbase to 101.3", increased the front & rear track 1.9", added 4 wheel disc brakes, 10.8" front rotors & 10.5" rear rotors with Bosch's ABS2U anti-lock braking system, and starting in 1996 began utiilizing the Lincoln's 4R70W (AOD-EW) & Tremec T-45 Transmissions.

    taken from AllFordMustangs..........
  5. The 99-04 Mustangs, while technically still SN-95's due to the chassis, tend to be called New Edge Mustangs due to the altered body styling.
  6. ok thanks for clearing that up i had no clue wat it was lol

    btw buying a 95 gt vert tomorrow!:D
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  8. Yeah welcome to the SN95 club....I hope you brought everyone a beer :D
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  10. yes thats my 89 and yes wire spoke hubcaps ... took them off makes it look stupid lol

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