Mach 1 what price for a 91,000 mile mach1

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by SLVRBOY, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. i found a 2003 DSG mach 1 whith 91,500 miles and was wondering what a good price would be to offer? or if its even worth it with that many miles. my truck got totaled (rearended) last week so i have some insurance money. ive only seen the car online but plan on looking at it this weekend, the pics look good but thats not saying much. $7000 cash maybe. what do you guys think. im itching to get another mustang but i dont want to make a mistake.
  2. $10K. The highest mileage Mach I've read about at Mach 1 Registry was the guy had about 130,000 miles on his Mach and he said it was still going strong. Probably really depends on how he racked up those miles (city,highway), what normal wear/tear items have been replaced, and the condition of the interior/exterior.
  3. i called today and they are asking $12,900 so ill keep looking. thanks for the quick answer...
  4. i found a yellow one with 58,000 miles for $8500 by a private seller not a dealer. i called last night and left a message, so im just waiting for the owner to call back so i can go look at it. im not sure about the color but at that price i guess its ok.
  5. Go through that Mach with a fine tooth comb. I guarantee you its been wrecked, or has a salvage title. Their are some salvage title Mach's that were put back together as good as new, but myself, I would never buy one.
  6. yea i feel the same way. if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. salvage title was one of the first things i wrote down to check on. im going to look at it anyway just to be sure. its on craigslist in jacksonville fl.
    i talked to a guy i know about going to the auction (he has a dealers license) and he said hes never seen a mach 1 there.
  7. If it's an auction car then I can see why the price is starting out lower, but if it was just a normal private seller then he would be ensane to sell it for $8,500, unless it's wrecked. He could get $13K for it no matter what KBB says.
  8. I have never seen a Mach 1 for that cheap. it could be a hurricane katrina car maybe or a wreck, check for tape lines around the car to see if it has been repainted anywhere. i have seen some of these wrecked Machs at dealers that they fix up like new but everyone that i spoted that was wrecked they had tape lines from when it was repainted.