What should I do?

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  1. Well, I have an 01 automatic GT. I have had it for a little over 2 years. I keep moding and its a great car but I love the idea of a 4v and the potential they have. I'v been looking at 96-98 cobras (I found a few with low miles for around 10-$13k), 01 cobras (found a few with low miles for around 14-$18k), 03-04 mach1s (low miles, 16-18k) or save for a 03-04 cobra? I know most would say save for the 03-04 cobra but I could probably sell my car and get a 96-98 and break even. Or I could spend a few more and get an 01 Cobra. What would you guys do? Should I keep my car and mod or stop now and get a cobra in the spring? My mods are listed in my sig.
  2. buy my '01 cobra convertible!
  3. Why are you selling it?
  4. i want to upgrade to an '04
  5. 99 cobra with the fix
    2001 cobra
    2003 or 2004 Mach 1

    No Convertibles - Not solid like a coupe

    Those cars are from 9k to 16k. All fast or you can make them fast.

  6. Hell you can have mine for 8k:D (no really)

    If you go 4V you will never regret it......ever. Regardless of what you decide on year and style.
  7. One thing I don't want is a convertible and a 03-04 is out of the question right now. So I think 99-01 or 03-04 mach like you listed would be good. I will see what is out in the spring. My current car will be paid off by April. The mods I would do to the cobra are

    1. Catted H pipe
    2. Magnapacks
    3. Xcal II or III with a 93 oct tune
    4. 4.10 gears
    5. Steeda under drive pulleys
    6. Dyno tune

    Would it push over 300 rwhp with those mods?

  8. People who don't like convertibles probably have never been in one. Not being as solid as a coupe is so worth being able to have the top down on a nice summer day!
  9. Right around there. I have similar mods but no underdrives or cats and on a 93 tune she puts down 299.8 rwhp.
  10. You are gonna need headers to get to 300 N/A. Either longtubes, or better yet, bassani mid lengths. Do that, replace your front and back seats, go with 4.30s instead of 4.10, and your in the 12s.
  11. Sorry bro... Convertibles are for girls...:rlaugh:

    Yes I've been in a lot of convertibles... Mustangs too!
  12. That's my plan. I got a 99 cobra because a Mach 1 was about 3k more with similar miles and more on insurance since it was a 2003.

    If you have the money get a mach 1. If not then get a 99 cobra!!!
  13. Only if it has the fix. You would be better off getting a 98 than a 99 without the fix. Most people that are not enthusiast probably didn't get them fixed, so I would ask for proof if you start to look at one. It would suck to be proud of your new snake only to find out it was making 15 HP less than it should. (some were as low as 50hp less!!!)
  14. I found a 97 Cobra with 39,000 miles on it selling for 12,500. Wonder if I could talk the guy down to 10.
  15. Wow, 39k is amazing!

    For reference, mine (97) has 130k and is still running strong. I would still talk him down though.
  16. I got my 1999 cobra with the fix for $12,500 w/ 41,000 miles (Super clean, Great paint, original everything)

    Came with the jacket from the fix with the vin # in the jacket
    & Extra brand new rim.

    If your going to get that 97 cobra... Talk him down:nice:

    I talked my seller down $2,500 from his asking price and so can you.:flag:
  17. 50 HP less, lmao. Never heard of that.
  18. the majority were 15-20 less..

    The ones that were unfortunate enough to have the problem with the intake, exhaust, AND compression were down about 50 FWHP..I would have been pissed too.

    You can read about it here if you like: