What to do...Wait for the 05 or save a ton on an 04 Mach

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  1. Like others have said, it won't hurt to wait, because the '04 Machs will only get cheaper, if they change at all. If you can't wait long enough to actually drive an '05 when they become available, maybe just wait until the initial road tests are done on them, so you will know what the driving impressions are, and whether or not there is a likely possibility that Ford underrated the motors.
  2. Good Thread!

    I was in the same boat recently. Here's the story:

    I was an outside sales guy for our company for the last five years. So I had an Acura Legend. Great, comfortable car I could put mileage on. Well last year I got promoted, and now I'm in the office all the time about 15 miles from my house. So I figured I would run the Acura as long as I could and get an '05. Well I started getting the itch early and figured I'd buy an '01 GT or Cobra to last me until then. Well I was looking at one I liked at the local Ford dealer who also happened to be a Saleen dealer. So as we are talking about this 01 Cobra I liked and he says "What if I could get you a good deal on a new '03 Saleen?" I said "Let's see the deal". He pulled both the Ford invoice, and the Saleen invoice. Ford was also running a $4k rebate or 0% financing. I took the $4K, and financed it through my credit union at 4.5%. So ended up with a new '03 Saleen for $4k back of invoice. The way I figure, if I want the new model after they come out, I can now wait until at least the '06 model so they can work out the bugs, and when I sell the Saleen, since I bought it right, I shouldn't get hurt to bad, and I am one happy camper right now!