Drivetrain Clutch Pedal Stuck?? 04 Mach 1


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Dec 21, 2020
Las Vegas
This is an additional problem to my O2 Sensor Code (Thread link can be found: here)
I have a problem with my clutch pedal.

So I had my clutch and flywheel recently replaced. Exedy Stage 2 & Exedy Flywheel. So apparently I was told that I was supposed to lube the TOB Shaft upon installation and I was not aware of that. Some of my friends that have SN95s haven't lubed such thing when replacing their clutch so I'm confused. The symptoms I'm having is when I press down the clutch pedal you can hear it stick. If you ever open your car door and the hinges are a little rusted and creeks when it opens and sounds like it's in need of WD40; yeah.. that's the feeling and sound it makes when I press the clutch down. As well as letting off on the clutch it makes a little creaking sound. Inspecting the clutch cable, seems brand new. I don't know what it could be, I tried spraying white lithium through the holes in the transmission, I don't know if I can lube the TOB Shaft without having to pull the transmission but if anybody can help me and probably give me a solution to this that would be greatly appreciated. Also, will it damage any parts in the transmission if I drive it like this without fixing it?
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