Mach 1 What type of oil?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Mach428, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. what type of oil do you use in your mach?
  2. mobile 1
  3. Motorcraft 5w-20 synthetic blend.
  4. I have been using the Motor craft synthetic blend 5-20W too...when I can find it on the shelf!
  5. I have been sticking with Motorcraft 5-20W synthetic blend too....when I can find it on the shelf!
  6. I use Motorcraft 5-20W SYTHETIC I take my at the dealership it cost $43.00 for oil change :( you get 5-20w sythetic oil at Ford parts dept. at your local Ford dealership :nice:
  7. I have been buying the blend at Wally world, like you say, when they have it. :rolleyes:

    And Im the only one who has changed my babies oil.
  8. Motorcraft 5-20W Synthetic Blend here too. I'm with 34Ford...Unless it's some serious warranty work....NOBODY touches a wrench to my cars! :nice:
  9. Should you use regular oil for the break in - or switch to synthetic right away.
  10. Oil

    Motorcraft 5W-20 Synthetic Blend is the Ford specified oil for the Mach 1. You can find it at many WalMart stores. You might be able to find a comparable oil from another brand, but be sure it's the same viscosity and synthetic blend, and meets the exact same Ford specifications. My understanding is that use of any oil that does not meet Ford specs can void the warranty. Having them test the oil and find it's out of spec could be very expensive if you have engine lubrication problems.

    I know Ford wants to sell oil. But they spend big bucks testing and developing the correct formula for their engines. It would be just as easy, as in the old days, to simply state a viscosity and a service designator for the oil.

    It all boils down to the simple question...Why take a chance on a new vehicle with anything else?

    Be safe out there!

  11. Another vote for 5W-20 Synthetic Blend with a new Motorcraft filter. I won't let anyone do work, that I can do myself. I don't see any advantage in full synthetics for those of us that change oil at 3,000 mile intervals, or those of us who change oil after a weekend of racing.