What would u drive if there was no MUSTANG?

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  1. BlackVert = teh geezer.
  2. Always had a need for speed. So probably a Marauder or Lightning.
  3. One of my other Ford's, and I'd probably have a Bronco in it's place, but if there weren't any Ford's...
    A 1982-83 Datsun 280ZX Turbo, 5-speed, fully modified of course including full brake, and suspension upgrades, fiberglass front end (hood, fenders, clip), wheels, cam, exhaust, etc.
  4. grand national or a wrx hands down
  5. I was 7 when my car was built, I looked at the build date one time and it was like Febuary 11, 1994.
  6. Badass 700 RWHP supra...

  7. What he said

    (without all the red)

  8. Yeah, LS1 Trans Am's are insane for raw power without mod's :)
  9. here i thought this was a newer thread and as i'm reading through it i see my post but either way i'm posting again.

    3000GT VR4 Spider
    06 z06 vette. a guy at work just got one and brought it in today. WOW! thing is freakin amazing. seeing it in pictures just does not do them justice. black with chrome wheels. B E A UTIFUL car!