Mach 1 What you like see in next Mach1 in 2009 or 2010

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What you what in next Mach1?

  1. Do you what 5.0 V8 with shaker

  2. Do You what 4.6 V8 with shaker

  3. Do You what 5.4 V8 with shaker

  4. Do you what 5.4 V8 Super Charger

  5. Do, you what 2003/04 Mach1 style seats

  6. Do what the 07/08 CS/GT style seats

  7. 6speed man

  8. 5speed man

  9. 6speed auto.

  10. 5speed auto.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. What you like see in next Mach1 in 2009/2010?

    we know Grabber colors are coming back in 2009

    now we what hear from you , the Mach1 owners what you what in next Mach1.:SNSign:
  2. I want them to not make another Mach 1 at all. It's been done already. Shelve it and move on to something else. I could see if they were making Mach 1's every year since '03, like the Cobra since '93 (except '00@ '02), but they have'nt.
  3. Ford has protype right now, running around,
  4. I'm with you, but I'm realistic too. The Mach 1 will sell and that's what it is all about. Just like the Bullitt (which should not be done either) Ford will make another batch.

    also 2002boss....want to NOT spelled what :D
  5. no way!

    I don’t think a another mach 1 should be made for a long time I mean come on look how long it was before they made the 03-04 and now just a few years after they want to make a another one I say no way! :notnice: :nonono:
  6. I have a Mach, just make the Boss now.
  7. Roush has one testing right now.:hail2:
  8. Roush can't sell a "Mach 1" because Ford has that nomener licensed.

    I don't mind Ford going back to the Mach 1 again, but skip this generation of Mustang and maybe use it next redesign. Use the Shelby, Boss, CS only this generation.
  9. Roush is helping out with Ford with test mule Mach1 in NC right now.
  10. I wanna see a pushrod big block
  11. keep dreaming
  12. I want my Mach to be worth what the 70-73 machs are worth...lets NOT make ANOTHER mach and keep it in 03/04 ... the idea of it is a commemorative collectors car...thats where the value is...if they make it again 5 years later they ruining it
  13. Ford has done their retro thing, now I would like to see them look to the future. Instead just of recycling old names and themes I'd prefer they came out with something new. I might like to see a 2050 Mach 1, but not a 2010 one.
  14. sorry guys it's coming see here,

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  15. Ford is looking for James Bond 71 Mach1 so Ford can make 40th Anniv. Mach1 in 2009.
  16. I could'nt care less about collector value of the '03-'04 Mach, I just like the fact that it's a Mustang you don't see much and people are puzzled by it. I wonder if this new one will be a one year run or more. Still not in favor of it, but whatever.
  17. Now if you showed me front pictures Id might believe it more, Ive seen Mach1 pictures like you posted before, but not exact, I have a 04 Mach and in one hand id love to see a new one but on the otherhand I love my car I have now and unless Ford did really nice job making the new model, then I woundt want a new one, unless like I said they would have to make it really good. Just another 3v 4.6 woundt really thrill me much , Id want a whole different engine
  18. I'm really curious what kind of power this supposed new Mach will have. They only gave the new Bullitt 312HP, so I'm wondering what their gonna up the Mach power output to. Any less than 350HP would be a huge disappointment. Especially because I bet their gonna charge $40K for these new Mach's. They want $34K for the new Bullitt's and that's before the bend over dealer mark-up.
  19. I'll argee the next Mach1 will cost about $37,500 or $40,000.00. I hope Ford will use the Saleen Boss 302 V8 in next Mach1.
  20. I really don't want to see a Mach this soon either ;however, Ford needs something to step up and put the new 09 Camaros:notnice: in there place in which case HELL yes I want the new Mach to be the Slowmaro slayer :D.