35th Anniv What's a mint 35th aniv worth?

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  1. So I have the opportunity to buy a mint 99 gt 35th aniv. 28,000 miles. Garaged every night, rarely driven in the rain. Hard top. Certainly 'excellent' condition, nearly 'showroom'.

    Any ideas what it's worth?
  2. From NADA site below, this is pricing for a "Limited" GT coupe. I would say that a super clean 28,000 mile GT "Limited" would be in the "HIGH RETAIL" range. Mine for example with 65,000 miles in very good/clean condition is in the "LOW RETAIL" range. Just what I figured.

    Be 100% sure its the real deal, alot of people think all 1999 Mustangs are "Limiteds". Only 4628 were made in four colors. Need to know more just ask.


    Low Retail

    Average Retail

    High Retail
  3. Hey there Voorhees -

    I was hoping you'd respond. I'm pretty sure it is a limited gt, because I'm buying it from my Dad. I just wasn't sure what it was worth. I found that NADA "Special" GT quote last night after posting, and found the same numbers you provided. Those numbers are retail, still making it a bit difficult to get a good idea what a private party value should be. Thank you for the link, though. That is the only place I have seen limited pricing published at all. I can't go wrong in this case, because pops is letting it go for a pretty good deal. Close to "low" price. I suggested he just give it to me. He didn't think that was such a good idea. He said something about me trying to cash in on my inheretance early, and that I was just trying to hurry the process along. :)

    Someone said you may be able to work magic on the VIN (1FAFP42X4XF171855) and find out some interesting info. It's red, so I think it is probably one of the other 1554 cars like yours... hardtop, etc.

    Thanks for the reply.
  4. Sound like a good deal. I inherited my parents 1966 Fastback that they bought new in 1965, didn't cost me a dime. But, I think they feel bad since it needs a full restoration.

    I don't have much information other than your car number according to VIN#.

    Yours is #1671 0f 4,628
  5. Thanks for the input. I look forward to picking it up from him this Saturday.

    I'm sure we'll be in touch. Thanks again.

  6. Welcome to the elite 35th limited edition owners club! Red is the best!
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  8. just bought 35 anniversary edition

    I am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction in regards to finding out what number I have. Honestly I had never seen one of these before this one came up for sale so I have very limited info other than the obvious special parts added. I knew it looked like no other 99, but the dealer memo with the package details helped identify it. I am also wondering about replacing the original floor mats since they were tossed by the dealer ship and replaced with plain black instead of what was noted on the memo. Does anyone know where i can find the correct sets?
  9. $145,000 :rlaugh:
  10. Careful Crzyhrse, blacksheep-1 is going to think you're serious!

  11. Welcome to the group!

    Send Vorhees a PM with your car's VIN and he can tell what number it is.

    Check out ebay, there's always someone selling LE floor mats (or you can get them at the dealer.)

    Here is the difference between a regular 1999 and a 1999 Limited Edition GT.

    $2,695 Limited Edition Package
    Only 4,628 sold.
    Coupe - 2,318
    Convertible - 2,310.
    Black Clearcoat 1,299
    Silver Clearcoat metallic 1,259
    Crystal White Clearcoat 515
    Performance Red Clearcoat 1,555 (only available on LE)

    Midnight Black GT leather/vinyl seats with silver leather inserts and (on front seats Pony logo on upper seatbacks
    Silver/Midnight Black carpeted floormats with 35th Anniversary logo
    Silver leather door trim inserts
    Instrument cluster with gray mask and 35th Annviersary script
    Aluminum shift knob (manual transmission only)

    Body-color hood scoop
    Body-color deck lid spoiler
    Body-color side scoops
    Body-color rocker panel mouldings
    Black decklid applique between taillamps
    Black tape applique on hood
    17" x 8" bright machined 5 spoke aluminum wheels with unique galloping pony logo
  12. That must be with cruise control...

    FYI got it for $10,800... Daddy didn't give it away, but not too bad considering the condition.
  13. Good info 35annivLE... I'm sure it's been posted before, but I hadn't seen that summary, yet.

  14. Considering Selling My 99 Limited

    I'm thinking of selling my performance red limited,58k,auto,no winters I'm the second owner. Thinking of getting a 05 or 06
    Located near Buffalo NY,can email pics if anyone is interested