Whats quicker? Mach1/2001 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Mach428, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. Damn, the Mach 1 is quicker but not by much at all. The Cobra should pull the Mach @ 100+mph.

  2. :nonono:
    This has got to be one of the most ignorant post I have seen in a while.. The magazine you are referring to, is 5.0 Mustang. It was a non-stock 99 Cobra, and it put down horrible numbers. The magazine even admitted that the put down horrible numbers after a bunch 01 Cobra guys brought to their attention that their previous Bullitt vs. Cobra article had the Cobra running a lot faster, and still not as fast as a lot of Cobra owner had managed themselves. Launching IRS takes much more finesse than live axle, and even the mighty magazine can't throw some guy behind the wheel and have him mastering it in a couple of one shot runs.

    What’s with all of the cobra hating? After all, the Mach is a newer version of the 01 Cobra. So why bash where you car came from?

    Mach 1 is faster than a 01 Cobra with equal driver. But on the strip and street, it’s a driver’s race. I have beaten poorly driven Mach1's and I have seen them run 14.1 at one of the fastest tracks in the country.

    So what the point in beating on your chest? The Mach1 and the 01 are nice cars. I personally love the scoop and hood of the Mach1, but I love my IRS. After doing Open track, I have personally felt and seen the difference between live axle and IRS and prefer IRS. Also, I like idea of slapping on a power adder and not having to worry as much as my Mach1 counterpart, because I have lower compression and a higher revving engine with a wider power band.

    Moral of the story? They are pretty much minor variants of the same car, to have an elitist attitude with either is moronic. It just comes down to personal preference. And again , the Mach rolls out of the factory with more power, and more geared for the 1320.
  3. It depend on what you mean by quicker. I've driven both and the Machs feel stronger in a straight line to me, but the Cobras really come on strong after about 5000 RPM. In the quarter mile I don't think there is any doubt the Machs are quicker.

    On a road course I think the answer would be very different. To me, the Machs don't handle nearly as well as the the 01 Cobras. It would be nice the see someone do a complete comparison. That is, include road course, skid pad, quarter mile and other performance measures.

    I think we will find the Machs are quicker in some catagories and the Cobras in others.
  4. Hey...I can read a magazine too.......

    That doesn't make a car faster than another.
    It's would come down to not only the driver, but the CAR!
    The mach *should* be a little faster, but that doesn't mean it always is.

    They don't all make the same power stock.
    You give me 5 mach 1's and 5 cobras and I'll show you 10 cars making different power....
    Hell...the 03 Cobra can make anywhere from 330-400 at the tire...stock, on the same dyno. They don't have the same guy building them in the same mood on the same day everytime.....
    It's more exaggerated because it's blown, but it's the same with nearly any car.
    Its gonna come down to the car and driver, not "Car and Driver" magazine.

    It's funny how some think car magazine "facts" are "the facts".
    It's even funnier how many people rely on that number on the dyno when the dyno is really used for comparison and as a tuning tool...

  5. Mach 1 may be faster in a magazine, but my brother-in-laws mach has lost everytime to my 1998 Cobra.
  6. I would say he's definately a sorry driver. :rlaugh:
  7. Hell no, I'm the one who is the sorry driver! Hate to admit it but it is true, I can't powershift for ****.
  8. i agree. I also take back my jab at smovking about being a moron. Its just that magazine-boy-racers make me physically ill. :p

    I agree with most of the intelligent responses here. In a drag-race, the Mach has a slight edge over the 01 snake for two reasons: the main one being the solid axle/3.55 & second being the very very minor upgrades to the heads/cams. Start modding and all bets are off. Also, on the AutoX course, you'd find me choosing the snake as my weapon of choice hands down.

    Also remember this: What the mach gains in TQ down low, it gives back in HP up high. that's a fact. I've driven both. the mach runs out of steam. Its got nothing (in stock form) above 6k. the cobra pulls much harder to 7K. But in a stoplight race, the mach will show the cobra its taillights, but not by much.

    And i like both rides very much.

  9. ummm 01 snake is 9.85.1 so the compression difference is almost totally unimportant...

  10. I agree with your comments. I too like both rides very much.
    I've looked at a few dynos of both cars. It looks to me there is about a 1% difference in the average HP between best RPM shift points. The advantage goes to the Mach I. So, it does not appear to me the engine can be the main cause of the Machs better quarter mile times. Has to be setup.

  11. Someone shoot the dealer that put this a$$hat in a Mustang. He should of directed him to the nearest Honda dealership instead. :nonono:
  12. Honestly your the biggest loser. You don't know **** about cars. You just have some sort of hate towards cobras. Good for you your stupid and don't know anything about cars. Thats magazine 5.0 mustangs is where you got those numbers from correct. Maybe the mach was touched before it was tested. Probally not, but it could have been. I know GM has done it in the past with the vette. Regardless, i don't care what magazines say if you can't be pulling those times than your car isn't that fast. Lookin your sig what kinda of a comment is that. You my friend are a poor excuse for a human, and i only wish for christmas you don't spill your genes any further. There are already enough dumb asses in this world, and with you and your thoughts its only getting worse. Take it easy bud you my friend are a dumb ****. Btw yes i have a cobra i agree with most posts here that the mach is better down low and straight line. Mostly becayse it is more setup for it higher gearing solid axle. The cobra i love becayuse it has irs (if you eliminate that wheel hop it is beautiful), and also the high end power it delivers. I love my car and couldn't be happier. If you think about it the mach 1 is 4 years newer. Thats alot. Well thats my opinion.
  13. Look at this quote...

    This post came out of a thread in the Special Production:Mach 1 forum and he's even dissing on a fellow Mach 1 owner because the new owner has pride in his Mach. Its no wonder of the quality of posts we are seeing over here.
    BTW, SVOKING I noticed that you hardly ever post in the Mach 1 forums as you rarely respond to any Mach 1-specific threads. Why would a proud Mach 1 owner like yourself not participate with fellow Mach 1 owners?
  14. too the asshat :rlaugh:

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  15. I think it depends on the driver. I saw the issue of Motor Trend with the 01 vs mach but you can't go by every time that pro drivers get in magazines....bring a Mach 1 to my house and see who will win :)
  16. svoking

    SVOKING what the hell is up your butt... there is no doubt that the Mach1 is setup much better than the 01 cobra for drag racing. as someone stated. Your car is also 2 years older. I am also curious what you have ran in your mach 1 bone stock? Just like my BONE STOCK 96 cobra has tight races with the newer GT's on the road.. I also owned a 2001 cobra and ran a 13.501 (1.99 60ft) BONE STOCK, I sold it regretelly.

    Your attitude is aggravating.

    BUT THE 03 MACH1 aint up to a 03!cobra

    A true Idiot


    1996 cobra - Black 56K miles BONE STOCK
    1970 maverick - 351 cleveland - 11.40's
    1988 Hatch - 351 cleveland - 11.80's
  17. Stock vs Stock the Mach is probably faster but it more has to do with the suspension and gears then power. I have a 97 cobra and when I had just pullies/ K&N / & cat back I dynoed slightly higher than my friend's stock Mach, same dyno same day(Hp & Tq) So an 01 and a Mach probably are very close in power just different set ups.
  18. LOL. I'm trying to figure out why on Earth I'm replying to this....and can't come up with a lucid reason, so I'm just going to reply anyways. :)

    In a drag race (which is what the original question referred to), with equal drivers, the Mach 1 is certainly quicker - 4 to 5 tenths is probably a reasonable number, though the mph will be pretty close.

    Reasons? The Mach is easier to launch (powerband, live axle), has an easier-to-drive and broader power curve (less peaky, less dependent upon correct shift points), has slightly better gearing - though the gearing matches the power band quite a bit better, and is a bit lighter than the 99/01 Cobras.

    Once modifications start, then most of that goes out the window.

    How's that? No magazine quotes. No flames. No chest beating. Just the facts as I see/know them. :)
  19. I'm gonna guess you're a better driver and thows 4.10 gears don't hurt you at all. Both are nice cars
  20. Run them like this:

    Stock for Stock, but with one little diference. Strap a Solid Axle & 3.55 to a 99-01 Cobra to make it fair.

    That should even things up a bit.

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