What's the best supercharger setup for 2006 GT?

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  1. Your probably right...this is my first experence with FI and im lovin it:nice:

    I looked at the procharger some...I have the steeda cowl hood and it would definetly bring outside air right to that intake...but my fear was it also brings in a lot of water.
  2. When I bought the Procharger the Whipple was still way more than a year from release. That area where the air filter is really doesn't matter due to the 3 core air to air cooler which really cools the charge quite well. It does look like a bad spot for it though. My ram air hood brings some fresh air to that general area too. It actually dumps the air right on top of the blower head unit instead of 1 foot behind that where the filter is. The hood was designed for the stock air box location.
  3. I lucked out...right when I was ready to order something whipple just came out. It was out of that or a turbo kit. Since its mostly a street car I went the t/s route. And my cowl hood dumps air right on top of the sucker. I can actualy see it from the driver seat...thats why I sprung for the polished:D

  4. I have seen a D-1SC on a motor with a forged rotating assembly at 17psi putting out 485rwhp making 570hp at the flywheel. This mustang had full bassani exhaust.
  5. Only 485...... with 17 pounds..... who tuned it?
  6. justin at vmp tuning. he also tuned another one that was a P-1SC at 10psi and it made 430rwhp
  7. Whipple for $5399.95?

    A company called BTG Motoring has the Whipple for $5399.95 for the polished. Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with this company? Is there a Stangnet sponser that has a similer price on the wk200725P? This looks like a smoking deal and I can see pulling the trigger for 1k off.
  8. Don't know, but that is a good deal. I've seen the Procharger kit as low as $4300 complete for anybody who wants quality at a less expensive hit.

    If I was to build another stang I would go with the Whipple because I don't make a habit out of tearing my car up at the track and would benefit from the torque at a lower point in the rpm range. If I was at the track regularly I would definitely stick with the Procharger.
  9. Roushcharger for me. Il ike the power and the factory look. Not 1 problem yet:D
  10. It isn't cheap but I love my Saleen with the JDM Engineering mods. I just got the car back from the bodyshop today so I'll try to get it on the dyno next week for some baseline pulls.

  11. Now that's another blower that has gobs of torque down low. In fact, the long intake runner design is what enhances the bottom end even more. Buy a Saleen for it's torque.

    Hey thump, how the hell can I post the pic of my dyno sheet and other pics here on stangnet?
  12. I use vidilife http://www.vidilife.com/

    then you just use the picture icon just below the back arrow when writing a reply and copy the link from the pics.
  13. Thanks, my son just left for the night. The wife and I are headed out, so I'll post the dyno sheet tomorrow. Do you have a dyno sheet for that Saleen blown Fomoco ride of yours?
  14. Not yet. I'm going to try and get it in next week or the week after.
  15. It's pretty sad I have to get my son to post pics for me.
  16. Oh wait! Here's a pic..

  17. As requested by Thump-rrr, Here's the dyno sheet for my car


    Oh, and here's a cool burnout shot I'd like to share


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  18. :drool:

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  19. Thanks Anthony,

    Why do they start their runs at 4500rpm?

    From what I see here it's only putting out 5 psi at 4500

    This is what my N/A curve looked like.

    Hopefully I'll get it on the dyno this week or next.

  20. You know, I have no idea why the sheet starts at 4500. Kevin MacDonald (Diablosport) may know why, but that's one area I don't know much about. All I can say is he tuned the car very well.