Whats up - long time no see

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  1. Geez, I guess I better make an appearance for old time's sake...
  2. Holy crap it runs! Just got home from work, set the firing order, buttoned up a couple things, and it started. Haha, its a miracle. Now I just gotta put everything else back on/in it so it will drive.
  3. Did you plan on doing a write-up for the swap? I know there are some out there but the more info we can all get our hands on.... Plus you may have some tips/tricks others did not include in their how-tos:nice:
  4. No, I don't plan on it. I used Stinger's website mostly. One thing I did do different, is repin the EGR position sensor connector to that of the ACT so I didn't have to run the wires all the way over there from the airbox. It used the same pins, so I just changed the connector and moved the appropriate pin at the ECU. I also wish I had taken more pics of the entire swap.
  5. Well, I suppose I could tag in as well. Never did post a bunch, but been here a while.
  6. whatever happened to steve-o, i member him too.

  7. good time to get back into it I guess. I'm getting back into it after a long break also. :D

    I'm Throwing on a bigger turbo :D and upgrading the fuel system. Along with a few other things and some general maintenance. If I have it done on time my mustang club is having a dyno day in November and I'll see what she's putting out.


    .....I'll update my sig sometime
  8. Man, lots of familiar faces in here. I don't get on Stangnet but every couple months or so, so I missed this thread the first time around. I'm mostly on Corral, Turboford, FourEyedPride, and SVOCA.

    Some of you know my red '92 LX got totalled back in December, so I got an '86 SVO Comp Prep to replace it. Finally got it running fairly well, and even took it on a poker run today. :)

    Still in the game....

  9. Well...Almost a full year later and I finally drove it yesterday. Well. I drove it once before but promptly popped a head gasket between 3-4. got it all back together and drove it to and from work yesterday. Was pretty fun. Even wasted a ricer on the way home. Need to build an exhaust as its just an open elbow right now, but it was cool to actually drive it again for the first time in forever.
  10. I got a welder. :D
  11. Congrats man! You're turbo'd. Guess I checked in for a look around at just the right time.

    And I recall people ripping on me for taking 2 years to build my LX, what'd it take you...7?

    I'll check in next year to see if you've got the exhaust built.

  12. Man some of you guys need to stop by more often. Another "old timer” just came back, Goland. Its been a while since any news on your stang there 140, your site does not work any more. Would you happen to have any new pics of your stang?

  13. Yeah, what's with all you oldies posting in this thread, but I haven't seen you post here otherwise in a year or so? Sheesh.
  14. Its simple... I bring the people

    HAHAHAHA yeah right. My stang has been on the back burner...heck, not even on the stove. My Lightning gets all the attn. but would like to get to drive the mustang again.
  15. Ha, "old timer". Please, call me Aaron. The goland screenname is from sooo long ago. But anyway, it feels good to be working on the stang again.

    In addition to the A4LD to T5 swap, I'll also be replacing the carpet (the old one is quite nasty) and customizing the interior. Can you say 'Two 10" subwoofers where the back seat used to be'? :nice: The radio, cd changer, and a couple amps will also be going back there.

    Anyone have any suggestions for custom carpeting? I was thinking marine carpet tacked down in spots with some midgrade 3M spray adhesive.

    I'm doing all this within the month as I intend to drive the stang cross country from MA to CA at the end of May/beginning of June. I took some "before" pics today with the interior fairly gutted. I'll probably start working on the subwoofer box this weekend in addition to the T5 rebuild.
  16. I just got it out the other day. I'll have to do that. Thanks man. I don't know what happened to my site, I was active w/ it, there one day, gone the next. No problemo.
  17. what ever happened with Turbo II, i believe his name was? a II owner w/ a turbo 4.

    and i take it Gary/Rein hasn't been spotted recently?