What's With The Chicks

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  1. Since I've owned the first Mustang, I notice that girls aren't that crazy about Fox body.

    I didn't get the car for that reason anyway. I'm plenty happy to own a "mans" car.
  2. I gave up trying to figure women out a long time ago. Better to be happy and not worry about it. Plus the less she likes the car the less she pays attention- the more you get to spend on it without her noticing.
  3. I get compliments from Women every so often, last year a Women even called it a Fox body.
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  4. Yeah you might get a compliment from the 30/40 somethings but thats even a rarity. But thats pretty much w any of the late 80's early 90's vehicles. Not quite old enough to be classic but old enough to be rattle traps. When I DD'd my fox (2009) I would pass a gal in a white lx that looked pretty close to mine on my way to work. We'd do the whole honk, wave, and smile thing but I never did pull er over.
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  5. The girls I hang out with have no idea what a Fox body is. I could care less really as I'm not really into girls who like cars that much anymore.
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  6. there dude magnets...lol
  7. Get a cute puppy, borrow a niece or nephew, fix her car, get good cologne....
  8. Never seen a girl that was that interested in a car. They are few and far between. Most of them who are interested like expensive cars because expensive car can potentially mean $$$. A Fox Mustang is just a cheap old toy as far as they are concerned.
  9. I pulled up to a Dunkin' Donuts one night to get my fix, and a pretty good looking girl walked up to my car and said "That's the most beautiful car I've ever seen in my life". Why I didn't propose to her then and there still baffles me. That's the only time my car has gotten attention from the female type.
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  10. One of my GF's said fox bodies look like jalopies (she said it another way). Another didn't like how loud it was but I didn't care too much for conversations with girls in my 88LX anyways, they should be doing something else besides talking anyway.
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  11. Beware a girl that likes your Mustang almost as much as you do, they'll want it in the DIVORCE!
  12. I get a lot of compliments in the chic-fil-a drive thru and head turns at a light making a left with them on my left, they HAVE to look at it then:rlaugh:
  13. Don't know what you guys are talking about been a lot of poon in my car...
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  14. Yeah but doubt they were asking bout x or h pipes

  15. I suppose you run around complimenting their choices in handbags? :shrug:

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  16. I'm trying very hard to not make a "pipe" joke out of this comment.
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  17. She was too busy making her O face!!!!
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  18. Girls rarely pay attention to my car. Most of them think a sunfire with a body kit is more of a performance car than a Fox body is, so why would I sweat their opinion?

    Their boyfriends on the other hand know better. Sure, they'll trash talk with their buddies just out of ear shot, but they all lower their heads and look at the ground when I start her up and ask if they'd like to show me how much faster their (insert garbage import here) is than my 25-year-old "outdated POS" is.

    Muscle owns. I know it, they know it....only the chicks seem to be the clueless ones.
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  19. its not the car my friend.....:D:D