What's your age?

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  1. Isn't that the truth!!!
    My girl is going to be a victim of it in the next 2 years. She works for Amtrak (which is a Govt company) in the Sales/Customer Service dept and they have already informed them that they will be outsourcing the jobs out to people who will do it for $8-10 an hour instead of the $20+ union rate they get now. They already have the office in Colorado and are hiring and training the staff which is mostly Indians being brought in from a private company.
  2. Denver is full of Indians taking our jobs right out from under us. It's disturbing.

    Bosses are Indian and they are EXTREMELY biased.

    Protect our country's future and figure it out now before it's too late. It's your future. America.... **** yeah!
  3. 'That type of money'? Is that a lot of money? :shrug:
  4. 21...1 more semester in college then who knows

    bought my car cash...and buying my new 03 cobra in the spring:D .

    anyone else notice that mustangkid said he was 13 but hes always talking about "his" mustang:rlaugh:
  5. ^ HAHAHA yes i have noticed.......He asks what type of gas to put in it but yet he cant even reach the pedals
  6. for a 19 year old full time college student it is.... thats what 26k a year... at age 19.... unless he is paying for his own medical/life insurance etc, living in his own apartment, etc. its a good amount of money, yes...... even paying your way through college its still a decent amount... unless you dont get federal aid which in case means your parents make a good living in turn meaning you would be covered on their insurance, and most likely they would be paying for your college.... so once again, yes.
  7. LMFAO:rlaugh: :lol:

    the98stang<---- 20
  8. just turned 21....:nice:
  9. Exactly. If i was making 550/week right now, my car would be sold for an 03 Cobra and it would be KB'ed by now. I'd also have a freakin 06 Yamaha R6 and still have money left over.
    BTW, no need to worry about school cuz my scholarships and grants have it covered. I work at Home Depot and barely freakin make 300 every 2 weeks because my hours have been cut. This sucks, time for a new job :(
  10. 23 in one week.
  11. 22, GEAUX TIGERS!
  12. im 20, in college, and basicly married, lol

    been on stangnet since i was 17, lurking since abotu 15?
  13. 17 will be 18 in March.
  14. 59 in one week. :jaw:
  15. Mine's in a week too, 39 on Thurs.